NFL GOAT Tom Brady once invited LeBron James for an unstoppable Patriots alliance

Tom Brady and LeBron James are highly celebrated athletes in their respective sports. Brady is known for his remarkable success in the NFL, while LeBron is an NBA superstar. Both are considered the GOATs in their sports worlds. Fans of the NFL and NBA have often fantasized about the possibility of these two titans joining forces on the same team. 

The sheer power and skill they would bring together could have created an extraordinary sports spectacle. However, this could never happen, even after Brady invited LeBron James himself to play for the Patriots. 

Tom Brady invited LeBron to join forces with Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady expressed his desire to join forces with LeBron James and Rob Gronkowski in 2018. It was a completely different sports world. Brady was still playing for the Patriots, and LeBron James had recently joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Both were already considered the best players in their teams and sports world. 

LeBron James posted a photo of himself playing basketball with the caption, “Man, I love this game.” 

The NFL legend took advantage of that moment and commented on that picture, inviting LeBron to join them, saying they would be “unstoppable” alongside tight end Rob Gronkowski in the Patriots. 

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But unfortunately, that could never happen. LeBron James always prioritized the NBA and never considered joining the NFL, even after the legend of the league invited him.

LeBron has already made his name and place in the basketball world. He has won four NBA championships and earned the nickname “King James.” His passion for basketball and his blooming career were the main reasons he didn’t consider playing football. The dream of sports fans to watch Brady, Gronk, and LeBron play on the same team could never come true.

When did Gronk and Brady start playing together?

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady started playing together in 2010, when Gronk was drafted by the New England Patriots. At that time, Brady had already established himself as one of the best players in the league. Both Gronk and Brady started playing together and developed a close friendship on and off the field.

When the Patriots considered trading Gronk to the Detroit Lions in 2018, Gronk preferred retirement over playing for any other quarterback besides the seven-time Super Bowl champion. 

Tom Brady
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Tom Brady later left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In April 2020, Brady and Gronk officially reunited in Tampa Bay as Gronk returned from his retirement. The former QB’s Instagram post confirmed Gronk’s return from retirement, and they aimed to “run it back” together. 

They played together for the Bucs showing some exceptional career stats and then both players retired (Gronk in 2022 and Brady in 2023), ending their remarkable careers.

Throughout these years of playing together Tom Brady and Gronk also developed a close friendship that extended beyond football. However, their on-field collaboration was legendary which resulted in winning four Super Bowls together.

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