NFL icon Joe Montana, wife Jennifer recall heartwarming moment of 49ers Legend calling wife from sideline

Joe Montana is an NFL icon. The quarterback playing for the San Francisco 49ers has won four Super Bowls, and he could have won more if he was not traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Joe Montana
Joe Montana is the NFL icon.

Besides being a great football player, Montana is also an amazing husband who loves his wife, Jennifer, with all of his heart. His love for his wife is evident in their four children. On the other hand, Joe was married twice before but did not share the same feelings for them as he did for Jennifer.

Today, we go back in time and rediscover the two’s love story inside football stadiums. While Jennifer was absent in the games Montana featured in, the quarterback still found ways to express his love for his dear wife.

How did Joe Montana express his love for his wife during games?

Love is strange, and it makes you do stranger things. The quarterback is the perfect example of that phrase, as over his playing years, Montana told his wife, “I love you,” in between games! Sounds insane, right? Yet it was beautiful and sweet. 

Apparently, Joe Montana used to call his wife Jennifer from the sidelines with the stadium’s calling services. In an episode of “Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure,” the legend and his wife share their unique love story. 

Joe Montana
Joe Montana in his show, “Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure.”

During one of his games, the curious quarterback Montana wondered whether there was an outside line at the stadiums, and to be certain, he used to call his wife and tell her the three magical words. 


if he wanted to, HE WOULD!!!! #joemontana

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In the show, Joe says he would repeat this action every time he went to a new stadium. Even then, he could not get enough of his beloved wife, Jennifer. It is hard to find true love, but when people find it, they cannot go beyond their lover or beloved. Joe and Jennifer together is the perfect example of the “perfect love story.” 

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