NFL icon Tom Brady reignites retirement comeback rumor after succeeding drone challenge on MrBeast’s $1 vs $1billion yacht video

Mr. Beast’s $1.vs $1,000,000,00 Yacht video is on the buzz right now as people can’t stop watching and sharing the 14 minutes content. One of the main attractions of the video is Tom Brady who had a special appearance there.

So, let’s find out more about why the content is aspiring hope regarding the NFL GOAT’s comeback in the league and if the rumor is really true.

Is Tom Brady returning to NFL from retirement?

From early 2023, the Seven Super Bowl winner is no longer playing in the league followed by his retirement. The news of his leaving the field came as a shock to millions of his fans.

Even after several months of his retirement, his fans are still speculating if the legendary player could anyhow return to the ground.
Lately, Tom was seen in Jimmy Donaldson‘s YouTube video who is known as Mr. Beast. There he was given a challenge by the content creator to hit a flying drone with a football.

The MVP’s daughter Vivian was skeptical if her father could actually do that. But exhibiting his super athletic, Tom hit the trailing drone in his first attempt and cried out, “Maybe I should come out of retirement”.

His comment gave a gust of hope once again to his die-hard fans who want him to return to the hue and cry of the NFL grounds.

Tom Brady crushes fans’ dreams of his comeback from retirement

The former Patriots player mentioned in his own words during an interview that, he is not coming back to the NFL as a footballer and all of the rumors are merely false. He added, his retirement is the time for him to focus more on his family life and watch his kids grow up.

Besides, he is very excited to start his new project with FOX soon where he is scheduled to work as a sports analyst. Tom Brady seems to be enjoying and making the most of his post-retirement period and looks very happy to be with his children.

And in Mr. Beast’s video, the Former Buccaneers player just joked about his coming back. His intention was only to tease his fans about his return to NFL. As per some concrete speculations, it was his over-seriousness with football that led to his divorce from his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. So, it is very unlikely that he will consider coming back to his previous life again.

Do you think Tom Brady might return to NFL again? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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