NFL world reacts to Bills Mitch Morse’s wife hilarious react following Josh Allen altercation with Christian Wilkins

To avoid being upset by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, the Buffalo Bills needed everything, even a shoving contest between Josh Allen and Christian Wilkins. Because Bills O-lineman Mitch Morse stepped in to support his quarterback, the pushing contest escalated into a brawl.

In the second quarter, with the Bills leading 17-3, Allen threw an interception, and when Miami was returning the pick, Wilkins collided with the Buffalo quarterback. While Wilkins didn’t appear to be causing any damage, Allen saw things differently and began shoving the much larger Wilkins.

While Allen held his ground quite well while the two pushed each other, things rapidly escalated when Morse stepped in and threw Wilkins to the ground.

Caitlin Morse, Morse’s wife, clearly saw her husband knock down Wilkins in support of their quarterback and playfully questioned whether he’d defend her honor in the same way.

Allen was grateful to Mitch Morse and his teammates for stepping in and defending his honor during the second-quarter brawl. Allen voiced his admiration for his linemen after the game.

Buffalo went on to defeat Miami 34-31 on Sunday, and now faces the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Divisional round next week.

Given Morse’s response to Wilkins pushing his quarterback, it’s reasonable to assume Morse would cause far more damage to anyone who crossed his wife.


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