‘Anybody with two eyes can understand what was going’ Bills QB Josh Allen addresses the helmet-off incident involving Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins

The tension between the Dolphins and Bills grew on Sunday, and it seemed to reach its peak during one particular dogpile. The game’s highlight, though, was the altercation between Christian Wilkins, a defensive tackle for the Dolphins, and Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback.

Josh Allen claimed that Christian Wilkins touched his crotch area too closely during the fourth quarter under a dogpile. Spectators observed Allen pointing to his crotch as he complained to the referee. But the referee did not acknowledge the awkward circumstance. Allen later aggressively removed Wilkins’ helmet out of rage and frustration.

Due to his unsportsmanlike conduct he received a 15-yard penalty for the incident from the referee. Thanks to the penalty, the Miami Dolphins were victorious with a final score of 21-19. On Kyle Brandt’s Basement podcast, the 26-year-old QB, broadly discussed the argument between the two that led to their separation.

“I think anybody with two eyes can understand what was going on under that pile,” Allen said. “There’s some things that I didn’t appreciate down there that was going on. We’ll let everyone make their own judgments for that.” Brandt responded, “The player in question said after the game, quote, ‘With alpha males that’s how it goes.’ Do alpha males grab each other’s groins on the football field?”

In reply, Allen stated, “Obviously I let the emotions get the best of me. But there’s some things that I didn’t appreciate down there…I apologized to my team for putting us in a tougher situation. But it is what it is…I’ll probably get a fine for that, but I hope they look at some other stuff too.” 

The 26-year-old shot caller said he should have known better but instead let his emotions get the best of him. The quarterback asserted that he didn’t want to blame anyone. Despite most likely receiving a fine from the NFL, it appears that Allen won’t harbor any resentment toward the Dolphins’ defensive tackle.

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