“Not my job to react” Draymond Green responds to crowds’ cursing chants in Game 3 of NBA Finals 2022

It is evident that Draymond Green struggled throughout game 2 and game 3 of the NBA Finals. Scoring only two points, three assists, and four rebounds the power forward was forced to leave the court after he fouled Grant Williams. Additionally, little did the 32-year-old know that his night was about to turn into a nightmare.

It all started in game 2 when Green got a technical foul for grappling Grant Williams and later in the same match he pulled Jaylen Brown’s pants. As a result, the Celtics fans were bad-mouthing every single Golden State Warriors player as they were entering the court. Moreover, when Draymond entered the court the crowds were enraged and the Boos got louder.


Moreover, Today in game 3 when Williams nudged Green, he fell down. Green stood up and started clapping in reply to that foul play. The power forward was having a bad night already but the inappropriate chants from the crowds of the TD Garden made it worse for him. Throughout game 3 the fans continuously chanted, “Draymond sucks” and “F*ck you Draymond”.

The Golden State Warriors’ officials called it inappropriate behavior by the Celtics fans. Furthermore, Draymond enunciated his thoughts in a post match interview, “They just talking” and “Not really my job to react to them, they did what I expected”.

This is rarely the first incident where Draymond Green has been lashed out by another team’s fan base. We will be eager to see if the firing flames from the Celtics fans can ignite his lost spark.

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