“Not sure it’s gonna work”: NFL analyst claims Jets QB Aaron Rodgers cannot replicate Tom Brady’s

Since Aaron Rodgers made his New York Jets entry, people can’t help but ponder over his impacts on the team and if he can really break the hard shell of failure of the Jets. Lately, analyst Jason Whitlock divulged his opinion that the QB might fall flat in his attempt to lead the team to success like Tom Brady.

The footballer, undoubtedly exhibited the best of his caliber while being a part of the Packers. He is now 39 and moving towards the edge of retirement faster. So, eventually, time is running out for him if he really wants to keep balance in his winning streak with his new team.

Will Aaron Rodgers lead the Jets to NFL success?

Closing an eighteen-year-old chapter with the Green Bay Packers, A-Rod will be warming up the NFL grounds on behalf of the New York Jets this season following his stepping into the team earlier in 2023.

It is very hard to forecast if the MVP will be able to lead the Jets to NFL success or not. It is an open secret that the footballer will utter bid adieu to his career in the coming days which gives him less roster time to focus on his mission of Jets victory.

NFL analyst Jason Whitlock open up about his thoughts on the matter and made some itching remarks that might upset Aaron Rodgers.

In the Fearless podcast, when asked about the possibility of Rodgers’ emulating Tom Brady’s Tampa-like success, he said, “ He is going into a whole new environment with an organization that hasn’t had a lot of success. If he’s not gonna be all about football the Tom Brady was when he hit Tampa with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, I’m not sure it’s gonna work in New York”

Following the Jets’ poor track records over the years, it is gonna be extremely hard for the footballer to lead them to the summit. However, time alone can tell if he would really be able to snatch away some prestigious accolades for the team or not.

Can Rodgers be as good as NFL GOAT Tom Brady?

NFL QB G.O.A.T. talk: Aaron Rodgers cannot touch Tom Brady

NFL Goat left his career as one of the best NFL quarterbacks ever. Hard willpower, an unwavering mission to succeed, and great athletics, all contributed to making him a formidable force on the NFL grounds.

Tom played his last three seasons with the Bucs and lead them to a Super Bowl. To be honest, it is going to be hard for Aaron to copy the Seven Super Bowl winner in terms of his success but he cares to stick to his core value and focus on making the remaining years of his career the best of his life, he can indeed emulate Brady and occupy the title of another NFL Goat.

Do you agree that Aaron can replace Tom Brady in the long run? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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