Novak Djokovic’s epic Cincinnati Open celebration gets goofy response from prime sponsor

Novak Djokovic entered the Cincinnati Open Final with a flawless record of not having dropped a set until that point. That record did not last, but what did happen was that fans in the packed stadium managed to witness an epic match, which Djokovic ultimately won.

Being one set down and facing a match point against Carlos Alcaraz, the Serbian turned the tables in his favour by roaring back to win the match 5-7, 7-6(7), 7-6(4) . Alcaraz displayed ferocious versatility by disrupting Djokovic’s game through drop shots, slices, cross-court slaps and smashes. However, Djokovic stood firm, and when the time came, he pressured Alcaraz into making errors.

The match concluded with an unforced error by Alcaraz that made Djokovic drop to the floor. But what followed in the form of a celebration was even more boisterous, generating a lot of fun on social media through memes and laughter.

Djokovic’s unforgettable celebration lights up Cincinnati Open

Taken to the the depths of elite competitiveness, Djokovic collected himself after winning the match, ran to the net to congratulate Alcaraz and then retreated to his chair. This was just the calm before the storm as when the moment to celebrate came, Djokovic stood up, walked to the court and proceeded to rip his T-shirt apart. 

Novak Djokovic

Looking more like a testosterone-fuelled WWE wrestler than a tennis player, Djokovic roared in triumph amidst a noisy Cincinnati crowd. His tattered blue Polo shirt lay camouflaged on the blue hard court surface. The thought of the public eye on him didn’t matter one bit to him as he stood arms afloat, soaking in the applause of the supporters. Cameras quickly pounced on the sight and snapped photos that started circulating in journalistic circles and on social media in no time. 

It was an unforgettable celebration that served as an apt conclusion to an ATP Masters 1000 tournament involving top tennis talent who slogged it out to see who came out victorious in the end. 

Novak Djokovic stood as the victor after a fortnight of record-breaking matches, defeating home crowd favourites and finally triumphing over the world number one. 


Lacoste’s humorous response to Djokovic’s shirt-ripping celebration

Lacoste, Djokovic’s apparel sponsor, had a humorous take on the celebration. Taking to Twitter, the French fashion giant that was founded by a tennis player, hilariously lampooned the state of the polo T-shirt but said that it was proud of Novak Djokovic’s achievement. 

Djokovic told media members the evening was “one of the exciting matches I’ve ever played in any tournament. It felt like a Grand Slam,”  said.


Novak Djokovic’s epic celebration stands out for displaying fury, accomplishment and pure joy. What do you think about the celebration? Does it spark awe and joy to see a man enjoying his victory? And what about Lacoste’s hilarious response? Let us know your thoughts on this celebration and if there are other tennis celebration’s that come to my mind in the comments section below. 


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