Nuggets Nikola Jokic gets brutal low blow by Suns Cameron Payne at NBA playoffs

On Friday night in the NBA playoffs’ second-round series between Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets; Phoenix Suns came up winners for their first victory over Denver. However, during gameplay, something unexpected occurred when Cameron Payne – a guard for the Suns team hit Denver’s superstar Nikola Jokic in his groin which led to severe pain and aftermath complications but still he managed to stay put on his feet while continuing playing – though whether Payne did it intentionally or accidentally is uncertain yet.

The reason behind this victory goes to Devin Booker and Kevin Durant whose combined score gave them allowed them a massive scoring lead giving them an upper hand over Denver as they could not do much despite putting up good efforts at overcoming the Suns’ leading duo that led them ending up at a hefty series deficit of two wins versus one loss.

Even amidst all this chaos happening around him due to getting kicked hard while playing by Payne, Jokic’s performance was still something to talk about with 30 points on 11 of 19 shooting, grabbing 17 rebounds, and giving out major assists before finishing it off with a block all in his 42 minutes of playtime. However, Booker’s and Durant’s impressive displays turned out to be the highlight of the game.


What makes Jokic stand out from other basketball players is his impressive consistency on the court and playmaking abilities. It’s not surprising then that he holds multiple records within NBA history as well as an esteemed position among top-tier players globally.

Specifically speaking this includes holding onto the title of most playoff triple-doubles by a center alongside Wilt Chamberlain with a tally of nine. As if this wasn’t enough Jokic has also distinguished himself as only the second center in NBA history to record 15+ assists in a playoff game – truly marking him an unparalleled talent.

Nikola Jokic Leading the Charge for the Denver Nuggets in Impressive Playoff Run

Even though Nikola Jokic did not lead the Denver Nuggets to an NBA Finals victory, he has been instrumental in steering them to the postseason for the third year in a row. Jokic has been on a roll over the previous five games, averaging 20 points per game and racking up double-doubles and even triple-doubles in that span. The Nuggets have only lost once in the playoffs, and they now hold a 2-0 lead against the Phoenix Suns, who are severely depleted due to Chris Paul’s injury.

Nikola Jokic named NBA MVP for second successive season | CNN

Jokic may very well be the best Nuggets player ever, surpassing legends like Alex English and Carmelo Anthony. However, there are still others who criticize him for his lack of postseason success, failing to take into account the fact that he has had to carry the team on his shoulders due to an injured or ineffective supporting cast. There is no space for error or excuses this time around, as Jokic has a strong supporting cast and the Nuggets are at full strength.

Although it will be difficult to sweep Kevin Durant and Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns, the Nuggets must not let up in their last two games. Jokic has been instrumental in the team’s recent success thanks to his fantastic play over the past five games.

To make it to the Western Conference Finals and beyond, the Nuggets will need him to keep performing at a high level. The Nuggets have a fantastic opportunity to make a long postseason run this season with Nikola at the helm.


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