Oh sh*t AEW bound maybe?”: Fans stunned as Drew McIntyre deletes WWE information from Twitter amid rumours joining rival organisation

In the past few weeks, there has been considerable speculation about Drew McIntyre‘s future. And amidst the rumors, the former WWE Champion has made significant alterations to his Twitter handle.

According to recent reports, Drew McIntyre’s current WWE contract is coming to a close. He still has about nine months remaining on his current deal. But there is no agreement in sight for a new one. Additionally, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer noted that McIntyre has been dealing with some health concerns which have contributed to his recent absence.

Many fans are concerned about Drew McIntyre’s status, and there is growing fear that he may be leaving the company.

The SmackDown star added more fuel to the speculation when he recently blacked out his Twitter account and removed the bio that previously referenced WWE.


On Twitter, amid all frustrations one shared of quitting watching WWE. At WrestleMania 39, Drew McIntyre put on an outstanding match against Gunther and Sheamus in his most recent appearance.

Drew McIntyre: WWE contract status and potential departure

Although Drew McIntyre’s first tenure with WWE was underwhelming, he established himself around the world before returning to the company for a second time and making a name for himself. Since then, he has become a significant member of the roster, participating in unforgettable feuds with top-tier stars such as Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

If Drew McIntyre were to leave WWE, it could be a significant blow to the company. According to a report by Wade Keller of PWTorch, the SmackDown star is dissatisfied with his current standing in WWE.

Keller said  “We alluded to this that there’s been talk that he is unhappy with his current situation in WWE and I’m hearing it’s kind of a mix of creative and money and what kind of offer he’s getting for a renewal. It sounds like WWE is taking seriously the possibility that he is going to let his deal run out rather than agree to something that he believes is less than he deserves or less than what he thinks he has coming,”

Since joining the SmackDown brand, Drew has been its top babyface. As the Draft is slated to take place this year, it will be intriguing to see whether the Scotsman will be included in the proceedings.

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