‘One of the great football experiences I’ve ever had’ Tom Brady praises German fans for their support vs Seahawks at Allianz Arena

The first NFL regular-season game in Germany was an unforgettable experience for both teams, thanks to the electrifying atmosphere at Allianz Arena. Especially, the Buccaneers QB Tom Brady was taken aback by the on-field enthusiasm of the German fans. His team left the field with a 21-16 win over the Seahawks and unfathomable love and cheers from the fans.

German hit differently even to the Veteran Brady, who has played over 20 seasons. “That was one of the great football experiences I’ve ever had, so that says a lot for 23 years in the League and for a regular-season game,” Brady said.

One of the highlights of the game was at the end when fans sang aloud “sweet Caroline” and “country road” dedicating to the players. Brady mentioned this special moment in an interview. He said, “I think the fan turnout was incredible. It felt like a very electric atmosphere from the time we took the field. At the end of the game with them singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Country Road’ that was pretty epic. I think everyone who was a part of that experience got to have a pretty amazing memory for their life.”

Brady gave us a glimpse of the stadium saying, “To just travel around the world and see kind of the welcoming from even around town, there was a lot of really cool fanfare, and then driving in today it looked like there was a lot of excitement. By the time we got on the field for warmups, the stadium was basically full, and it just gets everyone hyped up, and hopefully we kind of entertained everyone. “

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