Packers’ official Aaron Rodgers trade to Jets receives hilarious immediate reaction from Bears

The Green Bay Packers’ veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers has finally become a New York Jets player officially after a lengthy process of drama starting in January this year.

The Packers sent an additional first-round pick to Aaron in exchange for the Jets sending several picks in the 2023 NFL draft. The deal appeared to be a win-win situation for both sides; they both considered it a good bargain, and their reaction says it all.

The news made a stir in the NFL community, and the Chicago Bears had an eye-caving reaction to the deal on social media.

How did the Bears react to Aaron Rodgers’ deal?

The 39-year-old star quarterback played 18 years for the Packers and gave the franchise everything in his professional career. After Tom Brady’s tenure at the New England Patriots, this was one of the most highly praised relationships between a professional and a franchise.

During his career, he played against the Bears every season, being their rival in the NFC North Division, and became one of the nightmares in his prime. Naturally, the Bears would feel relieved that the 10-time pro bowler was gone, but they took it to the next level by sharing a humorous post on Twitter.

They have every reason to be enjoying the deal—to see if they can compete with the four-time MVP next season. He has a terrific record of 24-5 against the Bears, making the franchise one of his favorite toys in his career.

Rodgers scored 64 touchdowns and accumulated 6,965 yards of passing against the Bears, becoming a common slayer every season. Even in the last two meetings of his worst season, he scored three touchdowns and won both games.

There will be no terror named Aaron Rodgers in the city of Chicago from next season on, and the fans are considering the occasion worthy of a celebration.

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