Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers is rumored to be dating daughter of Bucks’ owner after breakup with girlfriend Blu

It seems like Aaron Rodgers has been following in the footsteps of the NFL legend Tom Brady- like Brady Rodgers has an extended career- unlike most other quarterbacks, Aaron and Tom did not retire even after reaching 39 years of age.

However, this time Rodgers is one step ahead of TB12- while people expect something to happen between Tom Brady and Veronika Rajek after Tom’s divorce, Rodgers has already made a move after getting separated from girlfriend Blu.

Rodgers has been spotted multiple times with Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens’ daughter, Mallory Edens. The two are said to be dating after Aaron broke up with ex-Blue of Earth.

Aaron Rodgers.
Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens watching a game together.

Even though they had been friends for a long time, people assumed that Rodgers was not interested in a romantic relationship with Mallory as she was too young. After his relationship ends with Blu, rumours persist that he has developed feelings for her.

Being the daughter of the owner of a venerable football franchise, Mallory has always led the “good life,” and it is quite evident in her social media activities and the number of people following her she has on Instagram.


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While her father is the owner of the Bucks, the 26-year-old is constantly spotted in Packers matches, wearing her boyfriend- Aaron Rodgers’ jersey to show support for her new partner. Even after the game, the two can be spotted together on the field. 

Aaron Rodgers
Bucks Owner’s Daughter Mallory Edens, Aaron Rodgers Go Viral.

How did fans react to Aaron Rodgers’ alleged relationship?

Following the updates of Aaron’s new relationship fans are going wild on Twitter with their humorous tweets and reactions-

A fan wrote reacting to the tweet, “They’ve apparently sat together at Bucks games for forever, but the tabloids say they’re officially dating now. No idea how reputable that is haha.”

“okay now this is a super bowl winning girlfriend,” another fan added.

Referring to the Packers’ next game against the Lions a fan sarcastically said, “Ok but do we want him to break up with a witch right before ‘a win and your in’ game situation?”

How do you see the new relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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