Packers QB Aaron Rodgers offers reason on Brock Purdy to achieve Tom Brady caliber at NFL

Brock Purdy’s last season was phenomenal, leading up to the Conference Championship game against the Eagles. The Philadelphia team seemed ruthless against the 49ers and especially against their quarterback Purdy, who suffered an elbow injury. Aaron Rodgers believes the young quarterback will achieve greatness despite his devastating injury. 

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy moments before getting injured.

While talking with Pat McAfee, the veteran quarterback was quite optimistic about Brock’s future and went on to show why he thinks the young quarterback is capable of achieving Tom Brady’s feats!

What reasons does Aaron Rodgers show?

Aaron is one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the NFL. Over the years, the veteran player has witnessed many incredible performances from his rivals and competitors. While many key performers were the first picks of their teams in the draft, Rodgers has noticed that many great players are last picks, like Purdy. So, in the show, Aaron Rodgers went on to say, 

“Brock was passed over by a ton of people, he went to Iowa State. I believe he has a lifetime’s worth of slights that he can pull from the moxie port. I have nothing but respect for the way he’s played. And I love seeing the underdog.”

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers.

Before showing his admiration for Mr. Irrelevant, Aaron also told the tale of Tom Brady, who was not a first-pick; rather, he only got the opportunity as Patriots’ star quarterback Drew Bledsoe got injured.

Many sources agreeing with this fact also resurfaced a quote from the NFL GOAT, which motivates youngsters to give it their all, having received such an immense opportunity to play football in the globe’s biggest league. 

Moreover, Aaron Rodgers sees a past reflection of him in Brock Purdy, and so he believes that Mr. Irrelevant will achieve great heights and might surpass Tom Brady. Regarding Purdy’s similarities with him, Rodgers said,

“I mean, I feel like that was part of my career for a long time. Obviously, I was picked in the first round, not the last pick. But I did go to Junior College and, you know, dealt with that frustration, that turned into a definitely a chip.”

With such words coming from a player like Aaron, Brock will be elated and look to capitalize on every opportunity he receives. 

The question remains- Can he do it? Time will tell. 


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