Packers’ teammates cryptic Aaron Rodgers tweet sparks speculation as Jets trade rumors swirl around star QB

The Packers’ teammate Rasul Douglas has set the Twitterverse abuzz with a cryptic tweet about Aaron Rodgers that has sparked speculation about the future of their star quarterback.

After failing to complete a trade for quarterback Derek Carr, who recently agreed to terms with the New Orleans Saints on a hefty four-year contract for $150 million, the New York Jets are in desperate need of a powerful QB.

What did Rasul Douglas say about Aaron Rodgers?

The Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas tweeted a number of cryptic messages amid the tension if the four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers will sign for a new team or end his successful career.

Douglas tweeted a picture of him and Aaron strolling in the tunnel.

Douglas posted the picture just a few hours after the Jets’ cornerback Sauce Gardner and wide receiver Garrett Wilson had shared cryptic tweets in which both of them sounded thrilled for the former MVP signing with the Jets.

Gary Ellerson, a sports broadcaster, posted on Twitter his curiosity about whether or not the athletes on the Packers team are asking Aaron Rodgers to remain with the team, and in response, the cornerback replied that the Packers’ players could personally ask Rodgers to remain with the team because they have his phone number.

Later, the cornerback claimed on Twitter that Aaron had given his number to him when he was in Darko Mode, which added gasoline to the ongoing rumors of a trade involving Aaron.

Aaron Rodgers, the Chicago native, also tweeted “SULLLLLL” with two crying-with-laughter emojis, which one believes to be a hint for his retirement decision.

Some assume that he is staying with the Packers, while others assume that he is going for the Jets.

Seemingly, the Packers are all set to welcome Jordan Love and bid adieu to their incredible QB, Aaron Rodgers.

If the Jets are successful in making the significant move of acquiring the famous quarterback Aaron, it is anticipated that their chances of winning the championship will also grow.

It is not yet obvious what Douglas is actually attempting to say, but it is expected that the rumor will become more widespread till any official announcement comes.

Rodgers is the focus of everyone’s attention as the free agency era of the NFL gets underway. Will he remain with the Packers and work on winning another title with the team, will he sign with the Jets, or will he call it a career and retire?

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