Panthers acquire No 1 pick in 2023 NFL Draft from Bears in trade for four draft picks, WR DJ Moore

The 2023 NFL Draft clearly indicates the Panthers are serious about securing their next franchise quarterback. On the other hand, the Bears appear to be doubling down on their current signal-caller. The recent move by Panthers has sent shockwaves throughout the league. They have left fans and analysts alike speculating on who the Panthers will select with their top pick.

The Panthers have held the top pick in the draft so far three times. In 1995, they traded the pick to the Cincinnati Bengals and selected quarterback Kerry Collins at No. 5. Then, In 2011, they selected Cam Newton, who went on to win the MVP and lead the team to the Super Bowl.

In a bold move that shook up the NFL landscape, the Carolina Panthers have secured the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Panthers acquired the top pick from the Chicago Bears in exchange for a package that included four draft picks and veteran wide receiver D.J. Moore. 

Why will DJ Moore be traded?

2023 NFL Draft

The Panthers were reluctant to part with Moore, who has been their top wide receiver for the past five years. But they agreed to the deal in part because the Bears were keen on acquiring him. The Panthers now plan to be active in the free agent market to shore up their receiving corps, which currently lacks a proven No. 1 receiver.

On the Bears’ side, the move signals their continued support of quarterback Justin Fields, who is coming off his second NFL season. Fields is expected to remain the team’s starting quarterback in 2023, despite the Bears’ interest in the quarterbacks available in the draft. The Bears also had a pressing need for a receiver. And Moore’s addition gives them a much-needed boost in that area.

Which team will get more benefit from this 2023 NFL Draft?

2023 NFL Draft

Overall, the trade benefits both teams. The Panthers get the top pick, and the Bears acquire a valuable asset in Moore, along with multiple draft picks. It remains to be seen which quarterback the Panthers will ultimately select with the top pick. But the team is now well-positioned to land a top prospect in the draft.

As the NFL Draft draws near, all eyes will be on the Carolina Panthers and who they select with the coveted No. 1 pick. Will they go with a quarterback, as many speculate? Or will they surprise everyone and go in a different direction? 

Regardless of who they choose, the trade with the Bears has given the Panthers a prime opportunity to secure a franchise player for years to come. Meanwhile, the Bears have bolstered their receiving corps with the addition of D.J. Moore and will look to build around their young quarterback, Justin Fields. Only time will tell if these moves pay off for both teams. But one thing is for certain – the 2023 NFL Draft just got a whole lot more interesting.

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