Shaquille O’Neal lifts shocking lid on his hookah addiction and how he lied to his kids about it

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar Shaquille O’Neal has set himself up as an ideal father for his children as well as the next generation, even once threatening his children to get two bachelor’s degrees to get a share of their inheritance.

Besides being a role model, he is much more popular for his delightful smile and for pulling humorous pranks on everybody. In his show, The TNT, O’Neal never misses a chance to prank and roast someone or get roasted by others.

However, from such a jolly-minded person, we can assume that he is a perfect guy, but as human beings, we took some hilarious missteps that we weren’t proud of and became funny later.

What did Shaquille O’Neal do as his own misstep?

On the latest episode of ‘The Big Podcast,’ the 50-year-old shared one action that led him to lie to his children. Since 2008, the big Shaq has started smoking hookah occasionally and got caught once in front of his children.

“I remember when I first started indulging in hookah, my kids would go, ‘Daddy, what’s that?’ I’d be like, ‘That’s my asthma treatment,'” the four-time NBA champion said. “When you see Daddy on the asthma machine, don’t come to my office. They say, ‘Yes, sir.'”

As we all know, the 7.1-footer doesn’t drink or smoke cigarettes and maintains a healthy figure like a temple. He is the most destructive and feared opponent, but while he was on the court, that demonstration only limited his game time.

Setting a distinct example, Shaquille got a master’s degree and a doctorate later to be recognized not only as a celebrity sports person but also as an educated, sensible human being.

However, this hookah affliction might put a dent in his image, so O’Neal decided to lie to his children or just any other protective parents because he didn’t want any bad influence to be put on them. One way or another, it feels hilarious that the big Shaq needed to lie to his children about hookah.

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