Patrick Mahomes’ aunt criticizes GM Brett Veach during online outburst, blaming him for the QB’s recent struggles

The Kansas City Chiefs have been struggling recently; notably, they have failed to score in the second half in three consecutive games. The struggles of the team’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, were particularly noticeable in the game against the Eagles, in which his father also cheered for the Eagles.

Despite widespread criticism directed at Patrick Mahomes as the cause of the team’s struggles, his aunt stepped forward in his defense, asserting that there is another individual within the team to be held accountable.

Patrick Mahomes’ aunt brutally blasts GM Brett Veach

Patrick Mahomes’ aunt, Tinesha Mahomes, criticized Chiefs’ General Manager Brett Veach on her “2 Gems and a Mic” podcast. She blamed Veach, who was responsible for pursuading the team to sign Patrick Mahomes, for not acquiring quality wide receivers after the Tyreek Hill trade in the 2022 offseason.

“This is on Veach,” Tinesha said. “He’s not on the field but he damn sure could have went and got some help. I think Stevie Wonder could have seen that this is a problem.”

Tinesha argued that the team’s current wide receivers are dropping balls, affecting Mahomes’ performance. She emphasized the need for better receivers to alleviate frustrations for Mahomes, Kelce, and head coach Andy Reid.

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Tinesha expressed frustration with Veach’s decision-making, suggesting he could have improved the team by acquiring better talent. 

“A lot of these burdens could have been lifted if the GM would have just been out of his own head and let his ego go a little bit and went out there and got some help.”

She accused Veach of letting his ego influence his choices and missing opportunities to strengthen the team.

“He had ample opportunity to do that, but for some reason, he thought he saw something that everybody else didn’t see!” Mahome’s aunt added.

The Chiefs committed unusual offensive errors, including penalties, red-zone turnovers, and dropped passes in their recent three games, which didn’t let them win. Despite these issues, the Chiefs maintain a 7-3 record and are in first place in the AFC West. The team also won a game in Germany, cementing their name as one of the best teams this season.

Is Patrick Mahomes’ aunt telling the truth?

Tinesha Mahomes’ criticism aligns with the frustration of some Chiefs fans, suggesting that the team’s recent struggles may be attributed, at least in part, to the management’s decisions, particularly regarding wide receiver acquisitions.

Chiefs fans on Twitter expressed agreement with Tinesha’s critique.

“She is 100% right that Veach neglected the WR position, Reid didn’t get a SERIOUS WR coach and here we are,” one fan wrote.

Some fans called for Veach’s departure, citing neglect of the wide receiver position and disruption of the team’s trajectory. “Yes, Veach must go. I’ve  been calling it since Tyreek/Mathieu trade & Chris Jones contract. Players in the locker room have called out Veach’s egos as obstreperous.” 

As fans and critics engage in these conversations, the situation underscores the complexities involved in assessing and addressing the factors influencing the Chiefs’ performance during this period.

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