Patrick Mahomes father’s unexpected cheer for Eagles leaves fans in disbelief: “Pops is risking it all”

Patrick Mahomes’ team Chiefs and Eagles faced each other in a Super Bowl rematch in which Taylor Swift’s music was banned. Jalen Hurts led a comeback, scoring two crucial touchdowns for the Eagles, resulting in a 21-17 victory over the Chiefs. The Eagles overcame a 10-point halftime deficit, completing their revenge tour.

Patrick Mahomes’ father, usually a Chiefs supporter, was unexpectedly seen cheering for the victorious Eagles. This departure from the norm raised eyebrows among fans.

Mahomes’ Sr. raises eyebrows with Eagles support

Patrick Mahomes’ parents, Pat Mahomes and Randi actively contribute to the Chiefs organization. Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi represents her son at charity events, and Mahomes Sr. is known for adding his touch to celebratory moments.

Pat Mahomes
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Mahomes Sr. was spotted with a blonde Eagles fan before the Chiefs vs. Eagles matchup. The Philly fan asked him to cheer for the Eagles and Mahomes Sr. did that even though the Eagles were playing against his son, Patrick Mahomes’ team.

He uttered the unexpected phrase, “Go Eagles,” surprising fans who anticipated a more traditional “Go Chiefs!”

Fans expressed discontent on social media, considering Mahomes Sr.’s unexpected support for the Eagles. Some speculated that “Pops is risking it all for lil sorority,” suggesting potential family dynamics at play.

Social media posts included reactions such as “Mrs. Mahomes not gonna be too happy about this” and expressions of disrespect for Mahomes Sr.’s unexpected move.

While Patrick Mahomes’ dad has switched teams, the TE of the team is busy persuading his girlfriend’s Eagles fan father to support the Chiefs. 

Chiefs Star persuades Swift’s Eagles-fan dad to sport Kansas City swag

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs TE, persuaded Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott Swift, to switch loyalty from the Eagles to the Chiefs. Kelce joked about convincing the Swift family “one by one” to join Chiefs Kingdom.

Kelce and Scott Swift were seen bonding at Taylor Swift’s concert, with Scott wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard. This gesture led many fans to speculate that Scott Swift has shifted his loyalties from the Eagles to the Chiefs because his daughter Taylor Swift is now dating Travis Kelce. 

On the New Heights podcast with Jason Kelce, Travis joked that he has asked Scott to turn to the good side.

“Got him over to the good side, baby,” Travis said.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce convinced Taylor Swift's father, Scott Swift, to switch teams from the Eagles to the Chiefs.
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Jason Kelce, a center on the Eagles, jokingly expressed dismay at the shift in loyalty, highlighting the influence of Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift.

“What are we doing? You’re gonna let this man’s devilishly good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott? Ridiculous,” Jason joked.

Travis then added that he might have persuaded him a day before the concert when he went on a dinner with Taylor and his dad.

The TE traveled to Argentina to support his pop icon girlfriend. During the concert, the couple shared many sweet moments, including Taylor changing her song lyrics to give a shoutout to Travis and sharing a kiss with him backstage

However, Travis had to cut short his trip because of their game against the Eagles. But the team had to face a brutal loss against the Eagles.

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