Pat McAfee provides 1-word response to Taylor Swift’s steamy kiss with Travis Kelce

Looks like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are taking their love game to the next level. Travis, the Chiefs’ tight end, jetted off to Argentina on his break to be Taylor’s number one groupie at her concert. Taylor’s been pulling off some serious quarterback-level multitasking, squeezing in Chiefs games like a true MVP, even with her jam-packed schedule.

Travis really outdid himself with that impressively thoughtful gesture. Following the epic concert, the lovebirds indulged in a sweet moment, basking in the adoration of their devoted fanbase, the Swifties.

Pat McAfee reacts to Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce’s public affection

Travis Kelce reached Argentina one day before Swift’s concert and was spotted in a restaurant with her while holding hands.

Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce
Via The Mirror

He attended the concert the next day and watched her perform from a private tent. During her song “Karma”, Taylor also changed the lyrics, singing, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

After Swift ended the three-hour concert she ran towards her beau waiting for her near a private tent and kissed him in front of fans. 

The video of Taylor running towards the TE and kissing him immediately went viral on the X app. 

Many fans were in awe of her boldness to share this moment with the public. Pat McAfee who often talks about the Chiefs and Travis’ candid moments in his show was also one of the supporters as he retweeted the video and wrote, “#Love.”

It is clear McAfee also liked this public display of affection by Taylor and is a fan of the Trav-Taylor love story. 

The TE hinted about his trip to Argentina a few days back while talking to her brother Jason Kelce in a podcast. He mentioned that his skin is “pale” so he wanted to go somewhere “South” and he finally made it there. Reportedly he will return on Sunday for practice as the team is gearing up for their next game against the Eagles.

Ex-Patriots DC not a fan of Travis Kelce’s Argentina travel

While many people loved the gesture of Travis visiting Taylor Swift in Argentina some people are not fans of this blooming relationship and believe he didn’t do the right thing.

Eric Mangini, a former Patriots defensive coordinator and head coach, expressed reservations about Travis Kelce’s extensive travel to Argentina to be with Taylor Swift. 

“I’m a fan of young love and I like Taylor Swift a lot but you could probably see concerts closer to home, you could probably spend some time, you could go to bed at 8:00… know he’s doing a lot of work on the side, he’s got a lot of really nice um uh endorsements, some recent trademark.”

Eric Mangini
Via CBS Sports

He highlighted concerns about the potential impact on Kelce’s NFL performance due to the disruption of routine, rest, and focus.

“I think Kevin, maybe a little bit closer to home could be positive, but the thing with this with the World Series worked out well for him, so maybe this will this will work out as well,” Mangini added.

Mangini’s concerns about the potential impact on Kelce’s performance in the NFL due to the extensive travel and potential distractions from his professional commitments are valid.

However, Travis Kelce is expected to return soon and join his team for practice. So, we hope the TE will manage and will not let his personal life affect his professional life negatively.

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