NFL icon Rob Gronkowski claims Raiders obligation to pay $85 million to Josh McDaniels despite being sacked is “total bullsh*t”

Josh McDaniels had a troublesome coaching career in the NFL history. The coach is getting fired for the second time causing a lot of controversies again.

It seems the Las Vegas Raiders will have to pay a hefty sum to Josh even though he did not fulfill the period mentioned in the deal. And former Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski did not hold back while addressing the matter as totally absurd.

Rob Gronkowski shares candid thoughts on Josh McDaniels firing

Both Josh McDaniels and Rob Gronkowski are former members of the New England Patriots. Josh was the HC and Rob played as the TE. Recently in an interview with “UP and Adams” Gronkowski shared his thoughts regarding Josh McDaniels getting fired.

Kay Adams asked Rob if he empathizes with Josh or feels him at the moment, as he knew him from before. Rob simply said it’s totally absurd even though he feels for him a little, emotionally.

Rob Gronkowski and Kay Adams
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“You know I feel for him a little bit, you know emotionally. But then if you really think about it end of the day, this guy signed a six-year deal as a head coach and he’s going to be paid out for those six years. So he’s getting head coaching money for the next four years of his life, that’s total ‘bs’ Kay. Like that’s absolutely absurd!”

According to contracts the teams have to pay full payment to the HC even though they get fired without completing the contracted time. But when it comes to the players, that is not the case. So, Rob thinks this is totally absurd and unfair now that the Raiders will be paying his $85 million as per the original contract.

“Us players are busting our b*lls and we only get two or three years fully guaranteed out of a six-year contract. These guys getting a six-year total guarantee. So I don’t feel bad for him at all in that sense. That guy is gonna be living his life. He can go to the beach for the next you now four years at a five-star hotel and not have to worry about his bank account bringing his whole family with him.”

In another interview with Kay, Rob Gronkowski talked about his former team and revealed his long desire after retirement.

Details on Josh McDaniels sacking

As a head coach, Josh McDaniels didn’t have a smooth ride in the NFL, having been sacked twice in his career. The Las Vegas Raiders hired Josh McDaniels as their head coach on January 31, 2022. Before serving as the HC of the Raiders, McDaniels has worked with multiple franchises in the league including the Patriots and the Broncos. He got fired back-to-back twice as coach for his poor management, inadequate leadership, and a series of controversies.

josh mcdaniels
josh mcdaniels

Josh McDaniels failed to prove himself worthy as HC and bring out better outcomes from the team. The Raiders didn’t only start with a disappointing season but also faced continuous downfall. After a lot of criticism, on November 1, 2023, McDaniels got fired as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders along with general manager Dave Ziegler.

After a good record with the New England Patriots as offensive coordinator, the Raiders had hired him in 2022 but he failed to show good results, which ultimately led to his dismissal from the HC job.

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