NFL Legend Rob Gronkowski reveals dream of a movie cameo after identifying Patriots’ main problem

NFL legend Rob Gronkowski shared some pieces of thought as his former team, the New England Patriots, struggled to secure a win in games. Gronkowski played for the Patriots for nine seasons, from 2010 to 2018.

Rob is undoubtedly one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history. Among all Patriots pass catchers, he ranked first with 79 touchdowns. Recently, this star has expressed his desire to act in a certain movie, although this is not the first time he has acted in a movie. Still, he described this opportunity as a “long-desired wish.”

Former Patriots star Gronk expresses his movie cameo dream

Recently, in “Up & Adams”, Rob Gronkowski made Kay Adams burst out in laughter after revealing a certain career dream. Rob and Kay talked about a lot of stuff, but Kay could not hold back her laughter when Rob revealed that for the past 10 years it had been his dream to make a cameo in the movie “Happy Gilmore” with Adam Sandler.

“I just love Happy Gilmore so much, my dream – I’ve been saying for the last 10 years – is if Happy Gilmore 2 came out, I have to find a way to get a cameo or an appearance in Happy Gilmore 2.”- Rob sounded very excited while saying it.

Rob Gronkowski and Kay Adams
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Gronkowski even requested the crew of Happy Gilmore to give him a chance if part 2 comes out and he would be delighted to make a cameo in it.

“I’ve been praying since I’ve seen Happy Gilmore 1 and Happy Gilmore 2 come out or they just start producing Happy Gilmore 2. Please, that would be the best thing ever,” Rob added.

Adam Sandler
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Rob then jokingly made some gun moves from the movie and insisted he was the right guy for the movie: “I mean, I kind of combine both of their characters because I putt like Happy Gilmore, I drive like Happy Gilmore, but every time I sink that putt, shooter!”

Kay Adams then requested to send the clip to Adam Sandler and her crew could not stop laughing.

Rob Gronkowski and Kay Adams
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This future Hall of Fame star has previously appeared in several movies and TV shows, like Boss Level (2021), Entourage (2015), American Violence (2017), The Clapper (2017), and You Can’t Have It (2017). Gronkowski even appeared in music videos such as “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry and “On My Mind” by 3LAU.

Gronkowski points out key issues affecting Patriots

Rob Gronkowski called it “a bit weird” as the Patriots struggled this season. While speaking to Kay on Wednesday, he claimed that he could not even recognize this present team as the England Patriots. Also, it is very unusual to see the Patriots at the bottom of the AFC.

“It is a little weird that they’re in last place with the worst record in the AFC. That’s weird. It’s hard to talk about it because it’s so weird. I would say they don’t look like a Coach Belichick team. They don’t look like they’re coached by Coach Belichick at all.”

The Patriots
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The Patriots are 2-7 right now and it is not looking very good for the team. Gronkowski, who is concerned about the extended Taylor Swift coverage by the NFL, thinks there are lots of aspects of the team’s play that need to be addressed. like the Patroits’ inability to finish games.

“The problem with the Patriots is they’re in a lot of games, they just don’t know how to seal the deal. For example the game last week against the Commanders, JuJu Smith-Schuster had the game-sealing drop to lose the game. They had another opportunity, but JuJu dropped the ball. If you go back to a couple of the other games, there are many situations like that where they can’t close at all. This team can’t close and that’s the main problem.”

Rob has played nine seasons for the Patriots and holds the Patriots franchise record for receiving a total of 79 touchdowns. They also ranked first in average yards per target (9.9) and average touchdowns per game (0.69) among the TEs. Besides playing with the Patriots, Rob also played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is a four-time First-Team All-Pro, five-time Pro Bowl, and three-time Super Bowl champion. Rob retired from official football in 2019.

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