Rob Gronkowski confirms his no return from retirement after cryptic tweet

Rob Gronkowski is a name Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans would love to see in their playing roster as he contributed significantly to the team’s success over the years with his lightning-fast agility and pinpoint accuracy.

The tight end eclipsed Tony Gonzalez’s record for the most 100-yard running games earlier this year when he defeated the Carolina Panthers in one of the finest performances of his career- it was Gronk’s thirty-second 100-yard game.

After the player announced his second retirement in June-willing to spend time with his family, fans persisted in assuming Rob would rejoin the squad once his mate Brady appealed to him for assistance. Months have passed, and Gronkowski still seems to be the talk of the town after a cryptic tweet- “I’m kinda bored”- made his followers go bonkers. 

Gronk confirms no return from retirement

Even though fans expected Gronk to reappear, it is improbable, as Rob himself confirmed in the “Up & Adams Show” starting he is “not” coming back.

The fact that many people, including teams, friends, and even his agent, thought he was ready for round three is insane. Gronkowski regarding the hilarious incident, went on to say-

“I don’t say who but yes there was two teams. It was pretty nuts to me that everyone actually saw the tweet. It shows how far social media can go and how quick it can travel because I barely tweet actually. I just tweet once in a while but like, ‘I’m kinda bored’ you know, just people took that as I’m coming back to football right away.”

“It was just mind-blowing actually how my agent hit me up, two teams hit me up, it was just crazy,” Rob further added, “My friends actually were hitting me up too, they’re like ‘bro are you really going back to football? I don’t see that happening’ I was like ‘yeah man, you know I’m not.'”

Will Gronkowski make a late comeback?

Rob has made it clear that he is not returning anytime soon, but whether he will make a late comeback remains uncertain as he casually said he is not “coming back to football right away,” meaning fans might still be right and get a glimpse of Gronks.

The 33-year-old is relatively young, and being inspired by his friend Tom Brady he may step onto the Football field for one last dance.

Fans regarding this are still going bonkers on Twitter,

“He going pull a tom Brady come back out of retirement and join Buccaneers on a 1 yr deal,” a fan said.

“The ‘natti be calling. Come to the jungle Gronk!!!!” another exclaimed.

“If he comes out of retirement he’s gonna go wherever Tom goes that’s just obvious 😂” a fan replied. 

Would you like to see Gronk make a late comeback? Share your opinion in the comments section. 

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