Chiefs’ Travis Kelce reportedly plans to visit Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour ahead of the Eagles clash

We have long been seeing Taylor Swift standing in the stands cheering for his boyfriend Travis Kelce, now it’s time for the reversal of the roles. Taylor has attended many games for the Chiefs, supporting the TE and her presence is even considered lucky for Travis and the Chiefs

However, Taylor is also a pop star and when she sings, she has a crazy amount of fans cheering for her. Travis Kelce has recently hinted at being a part of that attendance.

Travis Kelce plans to visit Taylor Swift in Argentina

According to the reports, Travis Kelce is going to visit Argentina to support Taylor Swift as she kicks off her Eras Tour in South America. 

The Kansas City Chiefs’ bye week aligns with Swift’s tour dates, providing Kelce with the opportunity to travel. This is not the first time the TE is going to attend the Eras Tour. He has already attended her one concert, at which Kelce famously attempted to give Swift his phone number on a friendship bracelet.

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Since Taylor Swift made her first appearance in the Chiefs game, the couple has been seen together in both New York and Kansas City, indicating a growing relationship.

A few days ago, Travis hinted about his visit to Argentina on the New Heights podcast. While talking to his brother, he shared that this week he wants to “go somewhere nice,” which is “south” and “closer to the equator” because his skin is so pale.

“South of the equator?” Jason Kelce, his brother, joked. The TE laughed and brushed off this conversation. But now, it is confirmed that Travis Kelce will go to Argentina to support his pop star girlfriend. 

Chiefs gear up for Eagles after well-deserved Bye week

Both Chiefs and Eagles were finalists in the previous Super Bowl, and they are going to face each other once again on November 20.

The game is also special because in this game, both Kelce brothers will be playing against each other. Travis Kelce recently shared that he is excited about this game and won’t let his brother win.

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With a record of 7-2, the Chiefs experienced a bounce-back victory against the Dolphins in Germany after a surprising loss to Denver. Now, the team has a well-deserved bye week in which the players can rest before their highly anticipated game against the Eagles. 

The Eagles is also a strong team, boasting an 8-1 record led by quarterback Jalen Hurts. The game between the Chiefs and Eagles is going to be very exciting.

Let’s see whether the Chiefs will once again win against the Eagles or whether the Eagles will be successful in taking revenge for their last loss. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section.

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