Who will feature in USWNT’s “Under Pressure” docuseries? Everything we know about 4-time World Cup winners’ Netflix show

Soccer is a sport played widely all over the world. Though there are tournaments for both male and female soccer teams, women do not get the recognition they deserve. Netflix is about to change that by releasing their new series “Under Pressure”. The documentary is based on the USA’s national women’s soccer team and their journey.

We have all seen movies and series based on famous male football players. The internet is filled with movies on players like Diego Maradona, Pele, Lionel Messi, and the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. Netflix has now taken a step towards feminism by bringing us their new documentary series, Under Pressure.

Netflix to premiere USWNT docuseries, “Under Pressure”

Netflix has decided to release “Under Pressure” after the USA’s women’s national soccer team’s underwhelming performance in the FIFA World Cup 2023. After winning the title for two consecutive years, they went into the competition as fan favorites and as one of the most decorated teams. Unfortunately, they were eliminated by Sweden in the round of 16. The US team lost 5-4 on penalties, making it the first time they were eliminated before the semi-finals.

Under Pressure
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The new documentary is said to release on December 12, and it will show us the team’s journey regarding injuries, criticisms, and the heartbreaking outcome of the tournament. Fans and critics expect the series to be good, as it is directed by two-time Emmy winner Rebecca Gitlitz. It will be nice to take a jump into the players’ lives and see how they feel and what goes on behind the scenes.

Everything to know about “Under Pressure” so far

Netflix’s camera crew has followed the USWNT’s crew throughout the 2023 World Cup to provide viewers with a closer insight into what goes on behind the scenes. “The all-access sports series will allow audiences to intimately follow the U.S. Women’s National Team’s players and coaches and reveal an inside look at the most decorated team in soccer history,” Netflix said in a statement.

It will be a four-episode series, and former Women’s World Cup champions Alex Morgan and Lindsey Horan will also make appearances. Alex won the tournament back in 2015 and again in 2019, while Lindsey was part of the winning team in 2019. Apart from senior players, rising star Alyssa Thompson will also be seen, along with the team’s first-timers Lynn Williams, Kristie Mewis, and Savannah DeMelo.

People need to pay more attention to female athletes as well, and Netflix’s Under Pressure will surely be a great step toward it. What do you think about this docuseries? Tell us in the comments section.


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