Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski encourages Bengals’ Joe Burrow to follow Tom Brady’s path of prioritizing NFL legacy over money

Rumors were swirling about the potential deal between Joe Burrow and Cincinnati Bengals. Well, these are not rumors anymore as Burrow confirmed this week that he is involved in discussions about a new contract and Rob Gronkowski has important advice for him. 

The NFL world is assuming that Burrow might become the highest-paid player in NFL history. However, there is no news about the contract or this salary. 

Amidst all these assumptions and rumors, a former NFL player has got some words of wisdom for Burrow. Rob Gronkowski, former NFL tight end, has recently shared advice for Burrow about his potential pay and contract. 

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski appeared on FanDuel TV’s Up And Adams and shared that Burrow has the desire to be in Super Bowl contention every year. Having good players and teammates around him is essential for achieving this goal. 

By surrounding themselves with talented teammates, quarterbacks increase their chances of being competitive and successful in reaching the Super Bowl consistently. 

“I believe that will set him up to be in the Super Bowl contention every single year, He wants good players around him, he wants good teammates around him, and that’s a great thing.”

Rob Gronkowski believes Burrow should follow Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski

Gron believes that Burrow should follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady and prioritize NFL legacy over money. 

“I mean, what’s the difference between 47, 48 million or 53, 54 million when the next highest guy on your team is only getting paid in the 20s? There’s already that big of a difference between your pay and the next guy’s pay on your team. So who cares? I mean, if you want a team around you, take a couple million dollars less, which is nothing in the grand scheme for a quarterback. So I’m waiting for a quarterback to do that, kind of go down the Brady route, ” Gronkowski added. 

In a sports world where big contracts and lucrative endorsements are considered more important, the advice of Rob Gronkowski carries immense weight. Legacy is more important than money. Only time will tell what Joe Burrow will choose but fans and players alike are eagerly waiting for his new deal. 

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