NFL insider drops truthbomb on Ex-Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s struggle to find new team: “The market that he wants just may not be there”

The former running back coach for the Dallas Cowboys and the current coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Skip Peete has recently dropped a truth bomb on Ex-Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott. He suggested that if Elliott has still not joined a team he needs to settle for less.

He said if Elliott wants to continue playing he will have to accept a role suitable for him at this stage of his career. He will have to become a second or third-string running back. However, Peete still believes that Elliott is a talented and valuable running back. He said that his running time was reduced but still, he was able to make a great contribution to the team. 

Ezekiel Elliott

“I think that’s part of the reason he’s sitting out there,” Skip Peete said, via Kristie Ackert of the Tampa Bay Times. “If you’re going to play, I mean, you’re going to be the second and third guy. That’s kind of what the price is. So. That’s something that a person has to be able to see that that is what it is going to be.”

Peete still recognizes Ezekiel Elliott as a great player 


Ezekiel Elliott

Peete further said Elliott has scored 12 touchdowns, showcased good pass-catching abilities, and proved his effectiveness in critical situations such as third-and-1 conversions and goal-line plays. Peete recognizes Elliott’s physicality and believes he can still make an impact as a powerful force on the field.

“I think Zeke is still a good, quality running back,” Peete said, via Ackert. “He’s playing 50% of the snaps, so your numbers are not the same, that’s natural. But he still scored 12 touchdowns. He still caught the ball well. He still had numerous third-and-1, and short and goal-line places where he helped us win games. He’s still a physical load.”


Hence, Peete believes that the struggles of Ezekiel are due to his stubbornness not to accept a lesser role. But it doesn’t mean that he is not capable. He can still make a great contribution to any team’s success. 

Let us know your thoughts Skip Peete’s comments on Ex-Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott.

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