Patriots’ TE Mike Gesicki believes QB Mac Jones can elevate offense to new heights: “Love the energy and juice he brings”

As the New England Patriots gear up for the 2023 season, one player, in particular, is excited about the potential of their new quarterback. Tight end Mike Gesicki recently shared his thoughts on Mac Jones, expressing admiration for the rookie’s energy and accuracy. Gesicki is optimistic that Jones can help elevate the Patriots’ offense to new heights, and fans are eagerly anticipating what this dynamic duo can accomplish on the field.

New England Patriots’ new tight end Mike Gesicki recently spoke about his first impressions of quarterback Mac Jones during a media interview on Thursday. Gesicki described Jones as a cool personality who brings great energy and accuracy to throwing sessions with a strong arm. 

“Really cool dude,” Gesicki said when asked about Jones. “Cool personality. Love the energy and the juice that he brings in practices and throwing sessions and stuff. Obviously, great arm, accurate, all that kinda stuff.”

Then, with a laugh, Gesicki added: “Make sure I check all the boxes ’cause I know everybody’s gonna want to talk about it.”

It will be fun watching Gesicki with Mac Jones 

Mac Jones

The team has high hopes for Gesicki, who was one of their major free-agent signings and is expected to become a pass-catching tight end rather than a blocking one. 

With his height and athleticism, The Miami Dolphins starter is anticipated to become a valuable asset for Jones, who is hoping for a successful 2023 season. It remains to be seen what role the Dolphin man will play, but his positive impression of Jones is promising for the team’s future success.

As the Patriots head into the new season, all eyes are on Mac Jones and Mike Gesicki. With Gesicki’s athleticism and Jones’ accuracy, the team is poised to make some serious strides on offense. If the 27 year old’s first impressions of Jones are any indication, the pair is off to a promising start. Fans can’t wait to see what they can accomplish together and are eagerly counting down the days until the first game of the season.

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