‘Platforms have to denounce just as much, Period’ Ex-NBA star Jay Williams blasts Amazon for anti-Semitic film amidst Kyrie Irving saga

Public criticism has been aimed at Kyrie Irving after he shared a link to an antisemitic video on social media. ESPN analyst Jay Williams shared his logic amid this situation and linked Amazon with his thoughts.

Williams thinks Amazon should also be mocked in the same way as Irving is getting mocked for making this film. 

“Where is that same attention and energy for the platform that is promoting it and profiting off of it,” Williams queried on First Take on Wednesday morning. “I don’t hear any of that talk around Jeff Bezos and Amazon. I hear everybody skewing their anger towards Kyrie for taking a picture of it and tweeting about it.”

The American former basketball star emphasized again that he was not excusing Irving for contributing to the film’s promotion of antisemitic stereotypes. But he thinks Amazon should be just as condemned for selling items that support bigotry as anybody else.

Williams took to Twitter, posting the following message, “Platforms have to denounce antisemitism just as much as Kyrie does. PERIOD”.

However, it must be underlined that Williams is not justifying Irving for endorsing a film containing antisemitic themes. Recently, he expressed his discontent with the whole issue on First Take. “Kyrie amplified it to 14.7 million people, but the platform is profiting and promoting it to billions of people,” Jay Williams stated. And, he said, it’s not only Irving who should take the blame; Amazon is to blame, too.


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