“Rafael Nadal is still my biggest rival” Novak Djokovic not hesitant to pick his arch rival after Roger Federer retirement

Tennis has experienced one of the most prolific eras of all time during the dominating era of the Big Three. Djokovoic’s biggest competitors were, without a doubt, Federer and Nadal. Together with Novak Djokovic, these two legends have ruled the court as the best players for more than a decade. Their rivalry has riled up all the tennis fans for decades. These three rivals have been through many ups and downs during their careers and have faced each other numerous times. On the court, Djokovic and Federer squared off 50 times, while Nadal and Djokovic did so 59 times.

Unfortunately, with the Swiss star retiring from the tennis world, the rivalry between Federer and Novak has come to an end. Now the question remains about who Djokovic considers his biggest rival.

While being asked about this, the Serbian Great unhesitatingly answered that, obviously, it was Rafa, and as long as Rafa is playing, he’s the one who is Djokovic’s biggest rival.

Tennis fans are used to seeing the dominance of the Big Three. So, when the Serb legend was asked whether his biggest rival was Alcarez or not, the fans were not at all happy with the outrageous question. There is no denying that Carlos Alcaraz is one of the most aspiring tennis players of recent times, with him currently being the number one player. But by no means he has years of experience in dominating the court or the fans’ hearts. Therefore, the critics were enraged by this outlandish question.

One of the fans exclaimed that this could not be a question when “Rafaole” is the biggest statistical rivalry in the history of tennis. Another fan claimed that the question itself was absurd as Djokovic always said Rafa was his biggest rival. Some thought that the question was insulting to both Rafa and Nole and said that the 19-year-old could not even be considered as his rival.


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