Rafael Nadal once hit a ball-girl on her face at the Australian Open before gently apologizing with a kiss

In the US open of that year – few months after Rafael Nadal’s ball girl incident – Novak Djokovic hit a line judge with the ball unwillingly as he lost a point on serve while playing against Spain’s Pablo Carreno Busta at the US Open 2020. After a long chat with the officials, the Serbian was disqualified and made to lose all the ranking points he earned throughout the tournament.

Djokovic was extremely sorry and sad and apologized to the line judge whom he hurt on the throat through the ball strike. Perhaps, it only reveals Rafael Nadal was not disqualifies was because he hit the ball hit the ball girl accidentally with no sign of anger or frustration. This is something other Tennis players must take into perspective.

Rafael Nadal once struck a ball-girl at the Australian Open before gently apologizing

Rafael Nadal, former No. 1 was in the throes of wrapping up his successful second-round clash in Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne against Federico Delbonis when the unfortunate ball girl was hit by his wild forearm return.

Rafael Nadal and Federico Delbonis went on to check Anita but it was Nadal who gave her a peck on the cheek for good measure, leaving the youngster blushing.

“For her, it was not a good moment. I was so scared for her, the ball was quick and straight on her,” Nadal said after the match, giving her his headband as a momento.

“She’s a super brave girl. It has been one of the more scary moments of my career. I’m very happy she is good. She is brave. Well done,” Rafael Nadal added.

Rafael Nadal went past the second-round tie beating Federico Delbonis 6-3, 7-6, 6-1. But, later suffered a defeat at the hands of Dominic Thiem in the quarter-finals, in a tightly contested match that lasted for over four hours. Thiem progressed to the Semi finals winning 7-6, 7-6, 4-6, 7-6.

Novak Djokovic went on to win the title beating Thiem 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4.

Rafael Nadal later met with ball girl Anita and her family for a special time.

Rafael Nadal, the tennis star, went the extra mile to meet Anita’s family, after hitting the ball girl with a wild shot.

The twenty-two time Grand Slam winner posted a picture of himself with Anita after spending time with family. “To my friend Anita, all the best,” said the cap that Rafael Nadal gave her.

“Had a chance to meet her and her family today. So happy she is well after the scariest moment I’ve had on the tennis court. Anita is a brave girl!” Rafael Nadal said via a Twitter post.

The family was happy and grateful for Rafael Nadal’s exemplary concern, care, and love.

It was a great period for Tennis lovers and Rafael Nadal fans, commending him for his respect, love, and legendary humility in making time to be with the ball girl and her family.

This is not the first time the tennis star has apologized for a display and that’s why tennis fans love him for his honesty. In the 2022 French Open, Rafael Nadal apologized to defeated Wimbledon opponent Lorenzo Sonego after a testy exchange in the closing stages of their third-round clash.

Nadal was upset by the noise the Italian was making on the court during the game. He called Sonego to the net and talked back at him.

Rafael Nadal later said to the media, “I should not call him to the net, I have to say I was wrong. So, I apologize for that.” Nadal did triumphed with a 6-1, 6-2, 6-4 win.


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