Ray Lewis pulls hilarious prank on Tyreek Hill, Ja’Maar Chase, C.J. Stroud and more with a mop at Pro Bowl

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis participated in the 2024 Pro Bowl Games in a coaching role as the celebrity defensive coordinator for the AFC team. His frustrations and reactions throughout the game became a topic of discussion for the spectators.

While many incidents occurred to make Lewis’ presence in the Pro Bowl memorable, one of the highlights was his prank on Pro Bowl players.

Ray Lewis’ prank on Pro Bowl players

Ray Lewis, whose son died due to drugs abuse, disguised himself as a janitor at the Pro Bowl, surprising everyone with his undercover role.

When Tyreek Hill entered, Lewis greeted him by shouting, “Tyreek Hill, What’s Up Bro.” Hill jokingly replied, “The smallest man in Orlando.”

The former LB then targeted Ja’Maar Chase, calling him a “bad boy.” Chase initially recognized Lewis but later returned to him, expressing doubt, and finally walked away, saying, “I Thought that was Ray Lewis.”

The former LB then shouted at C.J. Stroud, calling him a “Bad Boy” and blessing him. Stroud, who has been making waves in the NFL because of his talent, seemed unsure and replied, “You look like somebody,” but he couldn’t recognize him and walked away.

Ray Lewis expressed pride in his prank, stating, “They (players) don’t have a damn clue bro that’s crazy.”

Ray Lewis
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Even when other players like Njuko and Derrick Henry came, they also failed to recognize Ray Lewis.

The clip of this prank was later shared on the X and fans loved this prank and praised the former LB for his humorous and humble personality. 

Ray Lewis gets his mic muted over gay comment

Ray Lewis was the defensive coordinator for the game. During the Pro Bowl flag football game, Lewis disagreed with a referee’s decision.

However, he couldn’t hold in frustration and despite being mic’d up, he made a homophobic comment, “Gay as H*ll.”

The moment these words came out of his mouth, the network quickly muted his microphone. Despite the swift action, a short video clip of the former LB saying these words went viral on social media.

Although the comment was made out of frustration, using such insensitive terms can lead to serious consequences.

The incident sparked controversy and raised concerns about Lewis’ future involvement in the Pro Bowl. Many believe that after this controversial incident, Ray Lewis will never be invited to the Pro Bowl events.

What’s your take on this matter? Will it be just to not let Ray Lewis enter the Pro Bowl again because of one comment?

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