Reports confirm Logan Paul featuring in SummerSlam match

The upcoming premium live event of WWE is SummerSlam 2023. The ‘Biggest Party of the Summer’ is set to feature big names like:- Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Brock Lesnar, etc. However, it seems like Logan Paul will also be part of the card this year.

The addition of the Youtube Senesation seems to add more quality to the show. The Maverick has impressed the WWE Universe from time to time with his skills and athleticism. The last time he competed at a Money in the Bank ladder match, he suffered a loss but still managed to deliver a classic performance. 

Logan Paul to face Ricochet in the biggest party of Summer

For those who are unaware, Ricochet & Logan Paul were included in a high-risk move that was botched at the last moment but still, they both managed to deliver it. It was a Spanish fly from the ropes on the double tables ringside. Even after being botched, it was highly praised by many WWE fans.

However, the company had revealed backstage footage after the ladder match, where the Maverick & Ricochet was engaged in a massive heated brawl. It also ended up with Ricochet calling out Logan Paul for a face-to-face confrontation on the upcoming edition of WWE Raw.

According to a report by Steve Carrier from Ringside News, Logan Paul vs Ricochet is locked and confirmed for the Biggest party of the Summer. It was also mentioned that WWE has lots of options for the Maverick but they finally decided to go with the former United State Champion.

The duo traded blows at MITB backstage

As mentioned above, Maverick and Ricochet both traded blows against each other on the backstage of Money in the Bank 2023. It seems to be a clear buildup for both the stars to have a match in the upcoming premium live event.

SummerSlam 2023 is often touted as the ‘Biggest Party of the Summer’, adding a match between Logan Paul & the former US champion will probably be a highlight reel for the event.

Ricochet & Logan both were involved in a viral spot at Royal Rumble 2023. Both the superstars jumped from the apron at the same time and connected with a clothlines to each other.

Logan Paul

The upcoming edition of Monday Night Raw is set to feature a face-to-face confrontation between both of them. It will be interesting to see how things will turn out on this edition of Raw.


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