Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden continue heated exchange on day 4 of their ongoing feud over QB’s career

The ongoing feud between Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden escalated Thursday night as the former NFL quarterback publicly criticized the ex-Washington football coach for a past incident in the nation’s capital.

The incident, revealed on Griffin’s podcast and shared on social media, exposed a rift in their relationship, leading to a heated exchange.

Robert Griffin III continues to throw brutal blows with Jay Gruden online 

Robert Griffin III reignited the online feud with Jay Gruden by sharing a podcast clip accusing Gruden of pushing him into a press conference where he criticized teammates at Gruden’s request.

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The former QB explained the press conference incident where he emphasized the importance of teammates playing at a high level. He alleged Gruden didn’t support him, doubling down on criticism, making Griffin the scapegoat.

“There was a moment that happened in D.C. that is vividly remembered. Jay Gruden went to a press conference and he undressed me at that press conference in a way a coach should never undress his starting quarterback. It was after a game and I said in the press conference that ‘the best players in the NFL have the guys around them play at an extremely high level. No one is out there doing it on their own.”

Griffin revealed that the former coach burned him in a team meeting the next day, causing him to apologize to teammates.

“Now the media pundits and everyone took that and say RGIII threw his teammates under the bus. And I had to eat that for a long time because Jay didn’t back me in the media the next day. He doubled down on it and actually picked me apart in the media.”

Jay Gruden responded to the former QB’s clip with a dismissive comment, “You really wanna play this game?”

Gruden challenged Griffin to a face-to-face discussion on his show, claiming he knows where all of Griffin’s bodies are buried and warns him not to play games.

“I’m not playing any games, I’m retired. You have a free invite to come on the show and discuss. Face to face. I know where all your bodies are buried Jay. Don’t play with me.”

The former Washington coach reportedly deleted a post taking a shot at Griffin’s abilities, stating he wasn’t good enough, Kirk was better, and teams like Cleveland and Baltimore didn’t want him.

“You weren’t good enough,” he allegedly wrote in the deleted post. “Kirk was better. Cleveland didn’t want you. Baltimore [didn’t] either. Quit blaming me.” 

This feud hasn’t ended yet as the former QB hinted that this feud would see a fifth day.

Why Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden beefing with each other? 

Jay Gruden served as the head coach of the Washington Commanders from 2014 to 2019, a period marked by significant changes, including transitioning from Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback to Kirk Cousins. The team experienced dysfunction during the tenure, highlighting challenges that were uniquely associated with Washington, particularly during the ownership of Dan Snyder.

The coaching era witnessed the team moving from relying on the oft-injured Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback to Kirk Cousins, representing a pivotal shift in the team’s strategy.

After years, the feud between Gruden and Griffin ignited with a seemingly innocuous tweet from the former Washington coach, where he offered an apology to any quarterback facing a situation similar to Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who experienced repeated pressure in a 32-9 loss.

“If I ever put a QB through what Philly is putting Jalen through , I apologize. Pick up a blitz !”

Less than a half-hour later, the former QB jumped in with a tweet, “Say What?”

The exchange between Gruden and Griffin on social media took an unusually intense and aggressive tone, showcasing the depth of their disagreements and the public airing of their issues.

The former QB tried to go for the kill by saying the coach had told him he didn’t know how to coach a dual-threat quarterback like him.

“You told me you didn’t know how to coach a QB who could throw and run like me, so looks like you weren’t prepared Jay.”

Jay Gruden responded the next morning, seemingly conceding he wasn’t the right coach for Griffin, blaming his coaching staff, and offering well wishes.

Despite the conciliatory tweets, the feud doesn’t end. Both parties continue to engage, and tensions remain palpable on social media.

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