Robert Sarver confirms Phoenix Suns, Mercury sale amid controversy; Jeff Bezos, Bob Iger, Larry Ellison among potential bidders

Suns Sale has been the talk of the town in the NBA Universe at the story develops. Robert Sarver announced Tuesday that he is looking for potential buyers for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) after his recent suspension.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver supports Sarver’s decision “This is the right next step for the organization and community” said Silver.

Bleacher report tweeted Jeff Bezos, Bob Iger the previous CEO of Disney, Larry Ellison and Lauren Powell the governor of the Wizards minority could be prospective buyers for the two teams. Fans took to ridicule this statement saying anecdotes like “The Phoenix Suns games will be on Amazon Prime now”.

This will be the first sale of an NBA team since 2021 when Ryan Smith bought Utah Jazz for $1.7 billion. The estimated selling price of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury are about $1.8 billion.

Although Sarver only owns one-third of the teams but as the prime of the team he is allowed to decide what actions will be in the best interest of both teams.

Sarver was more so forced in hand to sell because of the pressure he was facing from social media, fans, and the NBA community, he became a social pariah all over the NBA community. PayPal cautioned they would pull endorsements if Sarver returns to the organization. While announcing to sell the teams he insinuated that his removal from the team was “cancel culture”.

Sarver the owner of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury was recently investigated by the NBA association for his misogyny, use of racial slurs and creating a hostile work environment all around especially for female players and employees. The NBA association fined him $10 million and suspended him from participating in any team activities for a year.

LeBron James and Phoenix Sun’s own player Chris Paul took to twitter to voice their opinions where they both established that the punishment was less than what Sarver deserved.


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