“LeBron James is just showing you the type of person he’s” Fans savagely bashed Lakers star endorsing Joe Biden’s Landslide win Vs Donald Trump

No sports enthusiast wants to see their favorite athletes become embroiled in politics or other contentious matters, whether it’s soccer, football, or even basketball. Even if that’s a sports icon we’re talking about. Fans of LeBron James are no different. His tweet following Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President of the United States of America enraged the majority of his supporters, who were outraged that such an NBA star would openly express his political views.

LeBron James, also known as the “king James” is one of the icons of the NBA who is not only just widely known for his tremendous records on field, but also for his constant participation on off field matters as well. The Lakers forward is not a huge admirer of former American president Donald Trump as reflected in his social media activities over the years of former president’s tenure. 

Just a month after James clinched his 4th NBA title, in November 2020, Joe Biden Replaced Donald Trump as the United States’ 46th president following his victory against former president in presidential election. From the very beginning of the campaign, King James has been very supportive of Joe Biden and was seen celebrating his victory big time on twitter.

A meme of LeBron James’ crucial stop of Andre Iguodala during the 2016 NBA Finals against the Warriors was posted on Twitter by King James himself but as a show of support and joy for Biden’s victory as his face was swapped with Joe Biden’s and Iguodala’s face with Donald Trump.

While some fans were rejoicing with him in reaction, there were a lot of opposite reactions to the post too. Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward although had no intention to stop there as he further congratulated Biden by sharing various messages and photos on social media.

 Here are some notable furious reactions on the meme posted by Lakers’ superstar-



Fans were particularly not happy just because LeBron, as a NBA legend, portrayed his biased view on politics on twitter which doesn’t give a good vibe among the fans. Also, some were not also happy including Andre Iguodala on his tweet as he hardly had anything to do with the issue.





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