Roman Reigns and Rody Rhodes face-off in dramatic confrontation to “conclude” the show

The heat between WWE Champion Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes is reaching a simmering level ahead of their clash. In the last SmackDown match before WrestleMania 40, both wrestlers came face-to-face, brokered by a deal with the Wiseman Paul Heyman.

The buildup to the iconic WWE event is being hyped by many after the return of The Rock. His altercation with Rhodes was the tipping point of a feud that will continue in the main event as well. Cody Rhodes, meanwhile, has unfinished business with The Tribal Chief, and he is looking to conclude that story arc.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes to lock horns on SmackDown

In an eventful episode of SmackDown where Rey Mysterio faced off against Escobar, the climax was reserved for the very end. Roman Reigns arrived in the ring with The Wiseman and called out Cody Rhodes, asking if he had kept his promise and arrived alone to confront him.

The Tribal Chief called Rhodes a fool, stating that he thinks with his heart and not with his brains. This statement was made in reference to Rhodes’s partnership with Seth Rollins in the upcoming WrestleMania. Roman Reigns, once part of The Shield alongside Rollins, mentioned the betrayal back in 2014 that led to the group’s breakdown during that time.

Cody Rhodes then questions The Bloodline and asks who their leader is. He suspects it’s not a family but rather a faction now with the arrival of The Rock.

Reigns labels Rhodes as a politician speaking lies and making false promises to his audience. He even refers to him as ‘number 2′, reminding me of the time Rhodes lost to Reigns in the last WrestleMania.

At this point, Rhodes makes his intention clear: he’s the one who will beat the tribal chief and take the WWE championship from him that he has held all these years. Later, we see the rest of The Bloodline join the tribal chief as they stare at Cody Rhodes in the ring.

As he may have suspected foul play already, we see Seth Rollins, joined by Jay Uso, arriving in the ring. This sets up a riveting clash between the teams where we have multiple storylines at play.

SmackDown to focus between Rhodes and Roman to highlight upcoming WrestleMania

Fans are already waiting for the two to face off at the headline event starting next month. That’s the reason SmackDown made a big focus on the two during its promo. Cody Rhodes faced Roman Reigns during the last WrestleMania, competing in the WWE Universal Championship.

The Tribal Chief was already the reigning champion back then. The American Nightmare lost the match and could not stop the winning streak. This year, he gets his chance to complete his story arc. It will be interesting to see if we finally see a new champion.

The stakes are high with The Rock colliding with Rhodes back and forth. Expect him to intervene at some point as Cody Rhodes takes on Roman Reigns. The Bloodline will also be in focus, with the Uso brothers competing against each other. 


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