Roman Reigns claims to dislike CM Punk ahead of Undisputed WWE Universal Championship vs Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39

Wrestlemania 39 is coming up, and many fans and is expected to be one of the biggest wrestling events in recent memory. There have been rumors suggesting the return of stars like John Cena and The Rock. We will probably see a Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes matchup if things go right, but before that, CM Punk comes up.

During a recent podcast, Roman said, “If you’ve watched wrestling for the past 10 to 15 years and you love it and it’s like within your blood, then you probably have some kind of feelings about that guy. I know I do, you know. Just by doing one of these things he made my job a lot harder over, you know, 5-10 years ago.”

He added, “But if it’s something that the fans can get behind and that it can really make them, you know, sink their teeth into the product and really, you know, dive into the creative with us, I’m willing to do it. I don’t like the guy. I mean I don’t know many people that do but I’m willing to put business first and make really good content if that’s the case. But yeah, he probably has to be slapped around a few times in order to get his mind right.”

How is the buildup for Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes?

For 914 days now, Reigns has managed to hold onto the Universal Champion title. ‘The Tribal Chief’ has implemented almost every tactic necessary to make sure no one can take the glory away from him. The bloodline and the Usos have helped him maintain this status, but there has been a serious fallout recently.

Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes
Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes is a returning favorite, and many expect him to finally end Roman’s run as champion. While fans have enjoyed the current champion’s storyline, they probably want to move on toward a new era now.

We’ll find out how things go in the coming April.

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