San Francisco 49ers’ TE George Kittle marries his bodybuilder wife Claire two times in three years

San Francisco 49ers’ TE George Kittle’s wife, Claire, is a huge supporter of the four-time Pro Bowler, attending every one of his games — home or away. Thus she is a known face to the 49ers fans. The love and bond they share have charmed everyone through and through.

But what might strike as unusual and a bit bizarre is that Kittle is so in love with his wife that he has married her two times in three years.

Since 2019, the San Francisco 49ers tight end has been married to Claire Kittle, whom he met as a student at the University of Iowa. After becoming engaged in 2018, the pair eloped and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, during the NFL offseason. They both have one puppy, a Bernedoodle named Deenie.

George and Claire stunned fans when they announced their unexpected wedding in April 2019. And, according to Claire, the ceremony took the couple by surprise as well. The couple married in a family friend’s jewelry store in Iowa City, in honor of a promise ring George bought for her there after he was drafted in 2017.

Claire visualizes the lovely proposal- “Then, he said, ‘Claire Bear, I think it’s been long enough, will you marry me?’ It was such a George thing to say, and it was absolutely perfect.”


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The couple had planned a grand party in Italy for friends and family in June 2020, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. So, two years after their elope, George and Claire “brought Italy home” with a lovely backyard wedding at their Nashville home.

It seems George has found his teammate for life. He has often admired her on record, just as she supports the player on and off the field. The pair are always seen together, clinging to each other, and fans can’t just have enough of them. Their craze and love for each other are definitely something we all root for.


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