Several bank robberies later, Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs’ superfan in custody facing charges on money laundering

Xaviar Babudar, also known as “ChiefsAholic,” due to his immense support for the Chiefs squad donning a wolf mask and attending nearly every game of the team home and away, has a large social media presence among fans of Kansas City and the whole NFL fan base. Not long ago, Babudar made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as his name got listed in Kansas City’s wanted list.

The NFL world and the Chiefs family have become shocked hearing the pride of the Chiefs is now passing his time in jail in charge of a robbery case, four months after being on a run.

Chiefs superfan arrested after multiple bank robberies and money laundering

The Western District of Missouri U.S. Attorney’s Office reported Monday that the super fan had been detained in Lincoln, California. After being charged with one count of bank theft and one count of moving stolen property across state lines, the 28-year-old brought a bad day for Chiefs supporters.

He was alleged to have robbed several banks and credit unions between March and December 2022. After allegedly robbing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union in Bixby, Oklahoma, he was later detained in December. Later he entered a not-guilty plea to those charges in February and was subsequently released on bond.

The most recent document claims that Babhudhar is accountable for stealing from banks and credit unions in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Tennessee, as well as two credit union robberies in Minnesota, and then laundering the robbery, moving on through casinos and bank accounts.

“I am thankful for the hard work of the FBI in finding and arresting Xaviar Babudar,” Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said in a statement Monday. “As Tulsa County was the first jurisdiction to arrest and charge Babudar in December 2022, it is the goal of my office to prosecute him in Tulsa County District Court prior to a federal case. As a fugitive from justice from our jurisdiction after his bond was reduced over our objection, Babudar posed an extreme risk to the public. I am grateful that no other citizen or law enforcement officer was subjected to the violence he demonstrated in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.”

The super fan once landed on the most wanted fugitive list

In March, Xavier raised a hue and cry again and caught the eye of the authorities after removing his ankle monitor and failing to appear for his arraignment hearing. Babudar’s bail bondsman, Michael Lloyd, searched for him in a Tulsa hotel where his client was staying. But surprisingly, he did not find him there. The Chiefs super fans’ name eventually ended up in Kansas City’s “most wanted list”. 

ChiefsAholic' exposed: Kansas City superfan robbed banks to fund NFL tickets | Marca

After searching for four months, his identity was cleared near the Sacramento area. An arrest warrant had subsequently been issued to his name, and he was set to appear in court for the first time on Monday afternoon in the Eastern District of California.

Babhudhar became well-known before the previous season, but in just one year, he suffered such a humiliating loss that no Chiefs fan will ever consider him to be the team’s best supporter again.


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