Chiefs Superfan gets $1M penalty, Chiefsaholic breaks ‘ankle monitor’ ends up on Most wanted list

The recently crowned Chiefs have undoubtedly amassed a sizable fan base as a result of winning the Super Bowl four years in a row, and the fans are often considered one of the team’s main inspirations to perform at their highest level on the field.

Chiefsaholic, the Fan Who Dressed as a Wolf, Is Said to Be on the Lam - The New York Times

However, occasionally the teams may discover fans in the news for their varying levels of misdemeanor, which could eventually cause the teams’ pride to crumble. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently on that boat as Chiefsholic is now on the list of the city’s most wanted criminals.

Who is Chiefsaholic?

Chiefsholic, real name Xavier Michael Babudar, is an ardent supporter of the Patrick Mahomes team. The man became the center of attention in the sports world prior to the most recent Super Bowl.

Chiefs Superfan Chiefsaholic Is Now On The Most-Wanted List
The 28-year-old used to watch almost every game of his favorite team while donning a wolf mask, an outrageous shirt, and even more outrageous pants. He also placed numerous wagers in favor of the Chiefs and was seen posting wager slips totaling thousands of dollars on social networking sites.

Why was Chiefsaholic detained by the Tulsa Police?

The NFL world was shocked when the chiefs’ most ardent supporter was taken into custody in December on suspicion of robbing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union in Bixby, Oklahoma. He had been granted a bond and released later in February.

Babudhar, however, was scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment hearing on Monday in Tulsa County but reportedly skipped the appointment. The $80,000 bond for Babudar’s release from custody was paid by Michael Lloyd.

Missing Chiefs superfan charged in bank robbery makes Kansas City's 'Most Wanted' list

However, when the man visited Babudar’s hotel, he learned that he had left the premises, in addition, the super fan removed his ankle monitor and dumped it in a field close to Woodland Hills Mall.

Like Lloyd, Tracy Tiernan, the attorney for Babudhars, is unaware of his client’s current location. Tiernan tried to reach out to him, yet failed to do so.

“I don’t know anything about it,” he said. “I reached out to him and have not had a response.”

“Chiefsaholic, I don’t know where you are, but my brother and I would love to have you on @newheightshow to tell your story,” Jason Kelce tweeted. “We will go wherever, and disclose nothing for the sake of journalism.”

Xavier has now been placed on the Most Wanted list for the city and will be detained on $1 million bail if discovered. The Chiefs fandom was already hurt by the news, but the recent blow could remove the former superfan from everyone’s favor. 


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