Which hair type does Patrick Mahomes have? exploring Chiefs QB’s iconic haircut aka ‘The Mahomes’

Whatever they do, it becomes the leading trend. Yes, talking about the football icons who won millions of hearts for both their on and off-the-field appearances. In this race, Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback is way ahead of everybody for his unique hairstyle which is adored by his young fans.

So, let’s explore more about his hair type, his styling mantra, and the emergence of ‘The Mahomes’ style.

Patrick Mahomes’ stunning hairstyle is a Mohawk

Mahomes feel a deep connection with his hairstyle and it bears his identity. His styling can be called a Mohawk as it follows the same pattern of shaving a part of the scalp and covering it with a hair band. However, the Chief’s player’s particular style gained popularity simply just as ‘The Mahomes’.

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Rightly so, the barber shops are eating up profits as they are doing their best to give a perfect Mahomes Mohawk cut to the MVP’s crazy fans. Moreover, there are thousands of videos online, when creators exhibited their caliber to create the Mahomes-Inspired-Hair style.

Why does Mahomes wear a headband?

The NFL pro’s hair type is curly and they hardly change looks in terms of volume rapidly. He prefers to wear a brand to keep his hair in place and it’s been many years since he is wearing a headband.

When he was asked about the reason behind wearing such a band, he replied by mentioning his college days when he first tried out bands to create his own separate identity on the ground.

Just because of cultivating a habit for so long, it is hard for him to keep his toe on the field without his band. Besides, his style received worldwide recognition making youngsters fall for Patrick’s hairstyle.

From his rookie says till now, the Super Bowl winner is doing astonishingly well and bagged two times MVP until now. His ravishing achievement is adding more to his stardom making him a fan favourite.

Would you prefer getting a Mahomes-inspired haircut? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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