Judgement Day member Damien Priest becomes first challenger for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship

In a thrilling turn of events, Judgement Day member Damien Priest has emerged as the first contender for Seth Rollins and his highly sought-after WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The stage is set for an exciting encounter between these two titans when they prepare to face a battle on the upcoming episode of WWE Raw.

As Rollins gears up for his inaugural title defense, Priest seizes the opportunity to etch his name in the annals of WWE history. Prepare for a thrilling confrontation that will enthrall the WWE World.

Seth Rollins

Rollins to defend the title vs Priest on Monday Night Raw following ‘The Architect’s open challenge

In order to build suspense, Rollins asked his supporters on Twitter when the last time was that a men’s World Championship was successfully defended on Raw. Upon learning that it was Big E’s title defense in November 2021, Rollins declared his intention to change that narrative, igniting a wave of curiosity and speculation. Eager to showcase his skills and prove his mettle as the inaugural champion, Rollins invited any worthy opponent to step forward and test their might against him in the squared circle.

Without skipping a beat, Damien Priest swiftly responded to Rollins’ open challenge, expressing his unwavering desire to seize the golden opportunity that lay before him. In a video shared on social media, Priest vowed to bring the fight to Rollins and make an indelible mark on WWE Raw. The confrontation between these two stout rivals was swiftly made public, preparing spectators for an exciting encounter that is sure to have them on the edge of their seats.

Seth Rollins won the title vs AJ Styles at Night of Champions

Seth Rollins won the much coveted WWE World Heavyweight Title in quite a memorable matchup at Night of Champions. Thus, “The Architect’s” standing in WWE history was solidified. Displaying a combination of agility, resilience, and tactical acumen, Rollins managed to outwit AJ Styles, delivering a devastating blow that sent shockwaves through the arena.

The referee’s hand slapped the mat for the final time, signifying Seth “Freakin” Rollins’ victory and his ascension to the pinnacle of WWE success as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Engaging in a fierce battle against the formidable AJ Styles, Rollins emerged triumphant, solidifying his status as a top-tier competitor.

The clash between these two ring warriors electrified the WWE Universe, leaving fans in awe of the intense action and jaw-dropping maneuvers on display. Rollins prepares for the trials that lie ahead as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion while basking in the joy of his valiant triumph. The WWE Universe eagerly awaits the next chapter in Rollins’ storied career, eagerly anticipating the clashes, rivalries, and unforgettable moments that will define his reign atop the WWE hierarchy.


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