How did Conor McGregor lose his UFC titles? Explaining ‘The Notorious’ UFC title withdrawal reasons

Sometimes it is hard to hold onto glory than to attain it. And such is the case for Conor McGregor, the professional MMA fighter and arguably the most recognized UFC star who lost one of his divisional titles after bagging it by the dint of his octagon caliber.

So, it is time to explore how the fighter encountered the misfortune of losing his hard-earned featherweight title.

Conor McGregor lost his UFC World Title due to inactivity

Notorious was lucky enough not to lose his titles while fighting wholeheartedly inside the octagon. In fact, the unfortunate event came to him because of his off-octagon antics.

The UFC authority decided to take back his featherweight title in 2016 in charge of his long-standing distance from the featherweight division.

Conor McGregor stripped of UFC Featherweight Title for not defending it since UFC 194

The MMA star created history after winning championships in both the Lightweight and Featherweight divisions of UFC as the first-ever fighter to achieve such a mark. However, he couldn’t enjoy the delights of a ravishing success for long as Dana White finally decided to snatch the Featherweight back from him in 2016.

McGregor attained his second championship title via a TKO win fighting against Eddie Alvarez which made him the winner of two separate UFC divisions. His last appearance in the Featherweight division was during UFC 194 in December 2015.

Afterward, he never cared to make a presence there and started focusing on polishing his skills for the Lightweight division. And his distance from the 145 lb division compelled the UFC authority to remove his title as per the organization’s rules and regulations.

Maintaining championships in two-separate weight classes was never an easy task. It is also believed that weight cutting becomes harder with age. Conor’s massive stardom also landed him massive fights against the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

As ‘Mystic Mac’ began focusing on more and more ventures outside combat sports, his performance saw a noticeable dip. So even if the Irish wasn’t stripped of his title, he probably would have lost the title sooner than later.

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