Conor McGregor’s kink for ink, revealing the truth behind the tattoos on “The Notorious”

You must have seen various mysterious ink art on the body of the UFC champion Conor McGregor. Well, they are more than just some colors put together in a shape; they have their own hidden meanings.

Throughout the years, tattoos received a special place among athletes as a way to showcase their roots, motivation, and life stories through them. So, let’s discover the backgrounds of McGregor’s tattoos and explore what stories they have to tell to the world.

How many Tattoos does McGregor have?

The Featherweight and Lightweight champ have many tattoos across his whole body while only four or five among them are the most meaningful to him providing him courage, and hope and helping him remember his background.

Meaning behind the tattoos

Here comes some of the most-seen tattoos of his body and their hidden meaning-

  • The Tiger and the tattoo of his name on the abdomen

Conor McGregor's abdomen tattoo

Tiger is a symbol of courage and there is a tiger inside the Octagon King. So, his inner sparks compelled him to get a tattoo of the animal. Placing his name above the ferocious animal he referred to himself as a tiger.

  • The Gorilla tattoo on the chest

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People’s eyes get caught on this phenomenal art at first when they look at the fight’s bare chest. The gorilla on his body has an angry look on his face who is wearing a crown on his head and there lies a heart on his mouth. This art is a token of honor towards his coach John Kavanagh’s gym.

  • Rose Bush tattoo on forearm

Conor's forearm tattoo

Notorious mentioned during an interview that not all of his tattoos have solid meanings; he got them just because he thought, they would look nice on him. And the rose bush on the forearm is such a tattoo that has no significance to him.

  • Arabic tattoo on leg

McGregor's leg tattoo

This one is the first tattoo that he got before joining UFC. Moreover, he declares he knows nothing of its meaning as he got it being drunk.

Conor McGregor has always been conscious be it his unique fighting magnetism or portraying himself to the world. The fighter has been through a troublesome life in his past but successfully overcame every obstacle to rising above typical stardom. Share your thought on his future career prospects in the comment section below.

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