What happened to Anthony Rizzo? exploring MLB’s five brutal collusions

Anthony Rizzo is a baseball star who plays for Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees as a first baseman. Previously, he was part of the San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs. This three-time All-Star had an unexpected encounter with Fernado Tatis Jr. on the field.

So, let’s explore what really happened with Anthony Rizzo that really created so much buzz in the baseball era.

Anthony Rizzo shows signs of distress after a brutal collision with Fernando Tatis Jr.

During Sunday’s New York Yankees vs. San Diego Padres game, the first baseman experienced nothing but a miserable nightmare. He had to exit the field as a consequence of getting involved in a collision with Fernando Tatis Jr.

During a pickoff attempt, this unfortunate event occurred when Anthony injured his head in the collision. A moment later, he was seen shoving Tatis and then taking heavy strides out of pain keeping his head low.

He was removed almost immediately for precautionary measures. Moreover, the Yankees later disclosed that he was okay and is ready to make an appearance in his next game.

Anthony’s fans however couldn’t take the incident easily and started pointing their fingers at the Padres player. Some are accusing him of showing such wild behavior while others are demanding his termination.

Have a look at what Yankees fans have to say about the issue-

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo

With pretty impressive records, Anthony would have been a great loss to his team for their upcoming games. However, after inspection and checkups, the medical team declared him fine to go for snatching the crown of victory for the New York Yankees.

Five worst collusions in MLB history

MLB is already occupied with many brutal collisions in history that still creates terror in the fan’s mind whenever they recall them.

Here remain some of the most brutal collisions that occurred during live games on the field-

#5 Nick Johnson

Johnson suffered a serious injury and broke his right femur through a collision with Austin Kearns on the field. The player was in serious pain as he was noticed heavily suffering on the field. He was later taken off the pitch as he could not withstand his brutal injury.

#4 Brian Roberts

Brian had his own nightmare in 2005 when he collided with Yankees’ Bubba Crosby and suffered from an elbow dislocation. However, with a strong will, he soon recovered and return to the league in the 2006 season.

#3&2 Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran 

Both Cameron and Beltran were exceptional players and showed their athleticism on the field. It was no different in a 2005 game while the duo was playing for New York Mets and in an attempt to catch a fly ball, both collided with one another.

Although Beltran suffered in pain with some minor injuries in his shoulders and neck, Cameron was left with a horrifying broken nose and both of his cheekbones fractured. 

This was one of the rarest moments in MLB history when both colliding players faced severe injuries.

#1 Doc Powers

This late baseball star encountered the most terrible collisions of the decade. When attempting to catch a foul ball, he slammed into a wall and eventually succumbed to death a few weeks later.

Doc Powers - Wikipedia

Collisions in MLB have shocked fans globally with unimaginable injuries. What is your take on these collisions? Should the MLB enforce new rules and safety gear to protect their players? You can share your thought with us in the comments.

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