Los Angeles’ owner Arte Moreno pulls Angels off the market, announces to continue ownership for ‘2023 season and beyond’

After a disappointing season in 2022, Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno announced selling off the team. Many contenders were interested in buying the baseball club to bring changes to the side for the following years. However, Moreno now has something else in mind. 

Any baseball club deals with a lot of things put on their shoulders. MLB teams represent major cities and the people living there. Fans always want their team to play well, and when a team fails to perform, they must face criticism from their investors, fans, and haters. Moreover, Fans and investors spend a lot of their time and money behind teams, so teams are liable to them. 

Keeping that in mind, the Angles, as of late, did not produce any miracles, nor did they win the World Series championships in the last twenty-one years. With investors and fans unsatisfied with the team, anyone would want to call it a day and move on.

Arte Moreno, after the 2022 season ended, did precisely that. However, after giving the thought a bit of time, the owner changed his mind. On Monday, Moreno expressed his desire on Twitter to continue with the Angels.

What did Arte Moreno tweet?

In the Los Angeles Angels tweet, Arte Moreno shared why he wants to continue with the Angels. The Angels’ team wrote in their tweet, “Today, the #Angels announced that the Moreno Family is ending the exploratory process to sell the team and will continue ownership throughout the 2023 Season and beyond,” then went on to share a picture where owner Arte gives his explanation to keep owning the team.

From the looks of it, Moreno wants to bring ground-breaking changes to the Angels and improve the team, turning it into a more substantial unit that can excite and bring back joy amongst the fans with “a World Series Championship.”

Can Arte Moreno live up to his promises? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.


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