Chiefs’ Travis Kelce takes swings with MLB Yankees star Aaron Judge sharing tips in batting practice

Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce and New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge have joined forces for a new venture beyond their respective sports. Kelce and Judge have invested in A SHOC Energy, the makers of A SHOC Accelerator Active Energy, a modern, better-for-you performance energy drink.

They are now promoting their new product by taking batting practice together. And Kelce is getting some useful tips from Judge.

Bleacher Report and A SHOC Energy have come together to give Kelce a chance to redeem himself in baseball. In a recent viral video, Kelce is seen taking a few swings at the plate with some valuable guidance from Judge.

Kelce suggests that he likes hitting with the grain. And that he prefers a slight opening before swinging. He eagerly awaits the pitcher’s delivery with a big leg kick. He is also eager to take some quality swings.

Travis Kelce and Aaron Judge’s Partnership 

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce, the outstanding player for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ powerful slugger, are taking their partnership to the next level. They are promoting their newly-launched sports drink in a joint venture as successful businessmen and players.

Kelce and Judge are both investors in A SHOC Energy, the makers of A SHOC Accelerator Active Energy. The formula of the Accelerator is claimed to be uniquely designed to help athletes achieve their best performance levels.

The timing of the video is perfect, considering Kelce’s recent difficulty with throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the Cleveland Guardians’ opening-day game. The All-Pro Chiefs player proves that he is a better hitter than a pitcher with his impressive batting skills.

In conclusion, Kelce and Judge’s partnership seems to be thriving. And their new sports drink has the potential to become a huge success. It will be interesting to see how long they can pursue their ambitions as both players and businessmen.

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