Why Conor McGregor is called Notorious? Exploring ex-UFC champs fighting nickname

Who doesn’t know Conor McGregor? He is one of the brightest MMA stars of the decade who bagged UFC Championships in both the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. The fighter has created an unbreakable image of himself in the octagon since his debut.

However, he often finds himself engaged in controversies which provides support to his uncommon nickname ‘Notorious’. So, let’s explore the background of why he is called so and how he got that moniker.

What fighting background does Conor McGregor have?

Notorious initiated his fighting journey with boxing and later moved to mixed martial arts. It was 2008 when he made his debut as a professional MMA. He competed in the lightweight division against Gary Morris in his debut match.

Conor made it to snatch away the crown of victory via a TKO. With such a warm welcome to the MMA universe, he moved forward to win his future bouts and make an indelible mark within the league.

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How old was Conor McGregor when he started fighting?

The Irish fighter used to get bullied when he was in his school. Sometimes the degree of mental torture would cross the entire limit for him to bear. Moreover, during such a tough time, he was introduced to boxing.

Conor was 12 years old when he got himself recruited into a boxing center so that he could learn how to fight and protect himself against getting bullied at school.

Why is Conor McGregor’s nickname notorious?

McGregor’s nickname Notorious mainly originates from his nature as a fighter and the incidents he was associated with. On the verge of making UFC debut, his coach found him an obstinate pupil who was tough to teach.

Besides, after entering the UFC octagon, he indulged in many stressful incidents including the bus incident with fellow fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, and unlawful acts in Florida and Dublin to name a few.

Conor McGregor’s persona outside the octagon might contribute to putting a stigma on his forehead but his heroic athletics is hard to ignore. You may not like him as a person but you have to keep negative impressions at bay when he roars on the octagon as a ferocious fighter.

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