How UFC-Venum deal to pass after dark years of Reebok Sponsorship

UFC finally managed to say No to its long-time partner Reebok and shook hands with sports gear manufacturer Venum in 2021. Since then the company is acting as the official uniform sponsor of the MMA organization.

So, it is time to explore how the UFC-Reebok deal falls apart while Venum found its place as the official partner.

Why did the UFC switch from Reebok to Venum?

Venum’s offer is more profitable for the fighters compared to Reebok’s as it is going to offer them a bit more money. A new increased payout structure has been introduced for the fighters. On the other hand, UFC officials mentioned the exclusivity of the deal and its welfare purposes for the fighters entirely.

To put it simply, the main reason for UFC’s shift lies in Venum’s positive attitude toward the fighter considering their preferences. Moreover, on that issue, UFC key personnel Lawrence Epstein mentioned that the deal has been designed keeping in mind the octagon-solder’s benefits and nothing else.


How Much Is the UFC – Venum Deal Worth?

Reebok entered into a $70 million deal with the MMA organization in 2014 for six years. Unlike Reebok, Venum’s deal amount with UFC is yet to be disclosed by the authority.

However, the main attraction of the new UFC partner is providing somewhat an increased amount to fellow fighters.

Who opened up about the Reebok-UFC deal?

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From the moment, the brand and UFC agreed on a six-year deal, a lot of athletes publicly criticized Reebok’s policy and Gegard Mousasi is such a name. After leaving the ring career in 2017, the former fighter opened up about his dissatisfaction with the sports gear company.

Calling it entirely selfish, he mentioned how it only thinks about its own profitability and nothing else.

Well, with a new brand and new deal, the fighters are hoping to experience a sigh of relief that was absent when Reebok was the MMA organization’s official partner. Now it remains to be seen if Venum could secure the place of the martial artists’ favorite brand in the future or not.

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